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Electric scooter for adults with 2000W and 60V brushless motor. Removable lithium ion battery with different capacity options available. This electric scooter with large wheels has an exclusive aerodynamic design.

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Seated Electric Scooter 2000W 60V

The new Tigräh electric skateboard is a clear before and after in the traditional motorised skateboard format. Very far from the typical flat decks, its chrome base with unevenness gives it a unique appeal that does not go unnoticed. In addition, this scooter designed in Spain has 14" QINDA tires without tubes, as well as front and rear shock absorbers, to achieve a smooth movement to the uneven terrain. 

In order to achieve greater stability in the driving, the saddle is strongly fixed by a removable seat post of four chrome bars that prevent its oscillation when reaching the maximum speed of 25km/h but there is the option to limit it and reach 46kmh. Electrically, another remarkable novelty is the double XENON lights that guarantee optimum lighting at any time of the day or night.

To guarantee a unique experience, this brilliant electric skate is marketed only with removable lithium batteries. Simplemnte chooses your preferred Lithium-Ion pack when making your purchase and take home the most sought-after electric skateboard on the market.

Most models of electric scooters have the female charge connector integrated into the side of the scooter so it is necessary to have a plug near the vehicle. The "external battery connector" (see detachable) offers the option of removing the battery from the Tigrah electric scooter to connect it directly to the power supply and charge the batteries outside the scooter.


Engine: 2000W 60V brushless

Battery (To choose):

Lithium-ion 60V 19.2Ah (up to 46 km.)

Lithium-ion 60V 32Ah (up to 60 km.)

Lithium-ion 60V 48Ah (up to 90 km.)

Lithium-ion 60V 64Ah (up to 115km.)

Controller: 60V 2000W 35A

Chassis: Metallic. Chromed in black.

Light: 2 x XENON front. Rear optional.

There is the option to add a color digital display with various additional features such as tachometer, battery charge indicator, stopwatch, speedometer, voltage (V) indicator, and temperature indicator.

Shock absorbers: Hydraulic with external spring. 1 front and 2 rear

Pneumatic Wheels: Large-format tubeless tires. 45/70-6

Brakes: Disk. With electric cut.

Handlebar: Iron / Chrome Aluminium

Seat and seatpost: seatpost 3 levels. Reinforced galvanized iron (x4)

Saddle: Maxi size upholstery.

Charger: 100-240VAC input DC 72V-1.8A output

Optional fast charge: Input 100-240VAC Output 67.2V 5A].


Mounted: 140 x 115 x 61 cm

Packed: 139 x 58 x 36 cm

Estimated lithium ion battery life: 3-4 years

NOTE: The range (km.) and maximum speed (km/h) data shown in this product are estimates because they depend on at least three factors:

1. Rider's weight

2. Ground level

3. Average driving speed

For longer battery life and autonomy, a moderate driving speed is recommended.

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