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465.00 € (tax to be det.)
Battery type frog available in 36V and 48V. Battery capacity configurable up to 691Wh. Perfect to complete electric motor kits. Includes charger.
655.00 € (tax to be det.)
Top performing lithium-ion battery conveniently shaped in a solid triangle to fit most MTB frames. Also available as part of e-kit. This ebike li-ion battery is compatible with any PAS system featuring motors of up to...
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Battery pack for electric bicycle

As you know, one of the fundamental components in electric bicycles is the li-ion battery. Together with the hub motor, they form the two essential parts that bring the stored energy into motion.

At Solaremobility we do not only sell ebike battery cases of all kinds. We also offer our clients a pioneering solution for renewing the battery of their electric bicycle. By putting our lithium packs inside your old battery case we can ensure 100% adaptability while increasing your ebike’s range… and all this without having to change your bike for a new one.

In some cases, certain ebike manufacturers use protective electronics inside their ion lithium batteries to prevent external professional services like ours from improving their cells capacities. In these cases, our specialized support sales team will guide you towards the best solution.

We focus on battery issues and how to update or replace the battery of your electric bike. These are the fundamental aspects of your battery that you should know:

  • Types of batteries for electric bicycles
  • Types of containers or battery containers
  • Type of BMS
  • Battery adaptability
  • Potential capacity for the bicycle battery
  • Battery price for electric bicycle

Once you are informed of all the above, you will be able to change the 18650 cells of your electric bicycle correctly.

Types of batteries for electric bicycles:

  • AGM-lead batteries: This type of battery is almost unused in current modern ebikes. While it is a very cheap option, speaking in terms of performance it is very limited overall. It is heavy, has charging memory effect and has a short life cycle. At solaremobility we sell these types of batteries too but we don’t recommend for electric mobility-related usage.
  • Gel-lead batteries: Very similar to previous ones, just a little bit more expensive. Cheap, but still very old-fashioned.
  • Lithium batteries: At present, the vast majority of e-vehicles run on li-ion battery packs therefore we can confirm it is the market leading technology for all mobility formats, from ebike to electric cars. They benefit from a much greater durability than the previous ones, without memory of load, and a quality of superior performance. While this is the most expensive option, it is also the most cost-effective in the long term. That is why at Solaremobility we trust and recommend this type of battery for your electric bike or conversion e-kit.

Types of containers for electric bicycle batteries

  • Bottle battery: It is placed on the frame’s diagonal bar, instead of the water bottle. It is formed by a docking piece which remains fixed on the bike and a removable battery case.
  • Triangle battery: Specially designed for e-bikes that need a great range, such as road bikes or mountain electric bikes. It is located in the upper angle of the bike frame, closest to the seat.
  • Frog battery: Anchored to the seat’s vertical bar. It is made of two pieces: docking piece and removable battery case. It offers good aesthetics and is a very convenient location for your battery.
  • Grill battery: Provided with an installation grill, in which this removable battery case is located. It is ideal for urban bicycles and hybrid models.

Types of BMS

A crucial part of any li-ion battery packs, the BMS (Battery Management System) is the electronic component used to ensure all cells and series are charged and discharge equally in a safe manner. A lithium ion battery without a working BMS is a dangerous item.

However, there are some ebike manufacturers that manipulate the BMS inside their electric bicycles so that their users are captive of their limited technology. These battery brands cannot be improved by our renewal service and the only option offered to their users is to buy a new battery with the same capacity as the original one.

For this reason, at Solaremobility, we always recommend that you inform yourself about the upgrading options offered by your ebike manufacturer before purchasing a new electric mobility product. Because in the future it could mean an unnecessary additional expense.

Battery adaptability

Our batteries are adapted to two types of voltage:

  • 36V
  • 48V

Potential capacity for the bicycle battery

Regardless of the battery case you choose from the list above, you must also choose the capacity of the 18650 cell pack to install inside. In that sense, the decision depends on the use you are going to give it; a battery for daily commute normally doesn’t need long range capacity whereas ebikes for outdoor riding normally demand larger capacity pack, especially if the motor is above 250W.

Battery price for electric bicycle

The price range for lithium batteries for electric bicycles is very wide, depending on the VOLTS and AH of each battery pack. In any case, please note that cheap electric bicycle batteries do not exist.

As we have seen before, acid lead batteries may be cheaper but they won’t fit in the modern electric bikes, and their durability is considerably lower.

As a general rule, you must also take into account that the battery for your e-bicycle or you e-kits can add up to 40% of that overall cost. That is why we suggest you trust professionals before buying your new battery case. Our prices are usually around 450 euros to 1,300 euros for the most advanced ones.

Where to buy batteries for electric bicycles

There are many places where you can buy your bicycle’s electric battery, but given the importance of getting the right product the first time around, you should ensure to buy from a trustworthy seller that will provide you with very good aftersales service. At Solaremobility, we pride ourselves of delivering a great service and quality products to our customers.

This is why we are one of the few European manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for all types of electric mobility vehicles that offers a 2 year warranty across Europe for all our products. We can make your electric bicycle battery as per your Wh capacity and case size requirements in order for your to receive the bespoke product you want.

That's right, by knowing the frame format of your bicycle and the riding range you want to achieve, we assess what battery case format and Ah capacity suit you best so that we can offer it to you at the absolute best online price. Not all client needs are the same, most electric mtb riders will demand high-range 18650cells battery packs to perform long distance rides. However, city e-bike users and commuters that are just entering the e-mobility world will be happy with a medium-range product.

How to change the battery of an electric bicycle

The process of updating the battery of your electric bike is really simple. If you already know the dsize, format and technical specs of your new battery, you only have to place the order and in a few days you will receive it in your home. You will only have to connect the cables and you will be able to fully enjoy your updated electric bicycle with an extended performance range.

In case you are not very knowledgeable about the world of batteries yet, do not worry! Our team of specialists will be happy to guide you through the process. You can contact us in any way you prefer.

How to charge an electric bike battery

All the batteries of our electric bikes are removable. So every time you want to get your e-kit battery charged, you will have the choice of connecting your charger to the nearest wall socket or leave your bike parked, remove the lithium-ion battery and charge the li-ion batt separately in your home or workplace. 

Another important component is the charger, the type of charger you have has a direct influence on the battery's charging time. Therefore, at Solaremobility we have an assortment of li-ion chargers that can offer you different charging times. Let us advide you on what is the best product to fit your specific needs.


All our products have a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects across the EU.