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Archive for July, 2020

Ultra Lightweight Folding Scooter

3 Years ago
One of the biggest drawbacks to buying a mobility scooter is weight. While it is true that we have more and more lightweight and folding models, to increase comfort on the move. Today we present one of these models.

Things you Should Know Before Buying an Electric Kit for your Bike.

3 Years ago
Usually, when we make a purchase, we know very well what we are looking for. However, many other times, we don't know what we really need, and we let factors such as price, design or others influence our decision.

TITAN 3200W The Most Powerful Electric Scooter.

4 Years ago
Since they became fashionable a few years ago. We have seen how many models of electric scooters have followed one another, always trying to improve the previous one. Until today, when we present you the highest...

Electric Scooter 500W Jailbreak

4 Years ago
If you are already an acquaintance of the skateboarding world, you will know that there are different categories of electric skateboards. Today we would like to introduce you to what for us is one of the best models...

Electric Mobility and Security

4 Years ago
One of the concerns of anyone travelling in vehicles of any kind is always safety.  For us, as electric mobility professionals, the safety of our customers is a priority.

Advantages and Benefits of Installing Solar Panels in France.

4 Years ago
Advantages and benefits of installing solar panels in France. If you have come this far, you are probably considering installing photovoltaic panels. As you know, there are certain advantages to installing solar...

Best Electric Scooter Quality Price 2020

4 Years ago
Welcome once again to our small space specializing in electric mobility. As you know, at Solaremobility we are always committed to offering our customers the best value for money. However, today we have come to...