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Big Electric Modep 2000W 72V

Posted on3 Years ago

Big Electric Moped.

The Berlin Electric Moped is specially designed for moving around the city. With a modern and robust design, you will feel safe in your daily life.

This electric moped type L1e can be driven with an AM licence at the age of 15, or also with a B licence.  It includes the registration in the name of the buyer and the charger.

You can also include the cargo box, a very interesting option to have a small storage space. It is worth mentioning this point because, as you know, the battery of any electric moped is usually placed under the driver's seat. This means that, depending on the level of autonomy you want, you have little space in this part of the vehicle.

Instead, you'll also have a small compartment just below the handlebars and display.

Electric Moped with powerful motor

With its powerful 2000W 72V engine, you will achieve great stability and power when climbing slopes, reaching up to 45km/h maximum for this type of vehicle.

Advantages of a e-moped with a lithium battery

  • Ecological: it helps to preserve the environment. No emission of pollutants. Total soundproofing, no noise pollution.
  • Economic: maintenance of 100 km for less than one euro.
  • Easy to drive. Even without previous experience.
  • Smooth, safe and very comfortable.

Rechargeable and configurable lithium battery

Finally, we have the manufacture of lithium batteries customized to each client. In the case of the Berlin Electric Moped, there are 3 options available

- Battery 72V 22,4Ah (1613Wh) - maximum autonomy: 55Km

- Battery 72V 32Ah (2304Wh) - maximum autonomy: 80Km

- Battery 72V 44,8Ah (3226Wh) - maximum autonomy: 110Km

Without forgetting that our batteries are 100% removable so that they can be charged anywhere, provided that the charger and a mains plug are available.

Electric Moped review

In addition, as always we bring you our video review so that you can see our products in first person.

And as always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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