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Things you Should Know Before Buying an Electric Kit for your Bike.

Posted on3 Years ago

Although these are important factors, in the long run they will not be determinant for us to enjoy our product, or specifically our electric bike kit.

Today we want to present you with a somewhat different, but undoubtedly fundamental post when buying an electric bicycle kit. We have been assembling bicycle kits for more than 10 years and the doubts are usually repeated.

What is an electric bike conversion kit and what is it for?

It may seem a lie, however, there are a lot of people who are not clear about this question.

An electric bicycle kit is a pedal assistance system whose performance depends directly on the motor and the battery we have installed.

Well, we are clear that it is a kit, however, we want to highlight, what is NOT a kit.

A kit is not turning your bike into a motorcycle. If you think this and install a throttle, it is more than likely that you will end up breaking the engine.

A kit does not make you a professional cyclist. There are many who, once they have mounted their kit, choose the highest mountain nearby to try it out. If you can't climb a peak before you ride your kit, you won't be able to after you ride it either. You'll end up putting too much pressure on the kit (which your legs can't handle) and you'll ruin your engine.

At this point, you may think that kit engines are bad. It's not that, there are several engines depending on the use we are going to give.

If our goal is a more comfortable ride in our day to day, with the regulation engine of 250W we have more than enough. If, on the other hand, what we are looking for is greater performance, since we are going to demand more from the engine, then the 1000W engine should be the choice.

Electric bike autonomy.

One of the most recurrent questions we receive is always about the autonomy of the batteries.

The first thing that we must have very clear, is that a lithium battery tends to degrade and lower its performance over time.  So the same battery, with the same configuration, but with a difference of 2 years, will last less than a new one.

Another important issue when measuring battery performance is weight. The greater the weight, the more the battery is stressed and the less the battery lasts.

Going into more technical aspects, battery power is determined by two factors:

  1. Volts (V)
  2. Ampere Hour (AH)

If we multiply both values, we get the energy (WH), commonly called load capacity. When we have the watt hours, we just need to divide by 10 to get the distance in km, we give you some examples:

Volts (V)

Ampere-Hour (Ah)

Energy (Wh)

Non-pedaling range (km)














Logically, we must apply the following criteria to this initial estimate:

  • The weight factor mentioned above. The greater the weight, the more we will reduce the autonomy
  • Pedaling. This is the most important one. Since the estimate we have taken out in the table above, it does not take into account the pedaling, which increases the duration of our battery to a great extent. Because unless we mount a kit with accelerator (totally unadvisable), the basis is that the engine only intervenes as an aid, not as the main propeller.

All these criteria and rules are applicable to any lithium battery electric bicycle. Either with a kit installed, or ebike.

Care of the electric bike kit.

One of the most common mistakes is to think that once we buy our kit, it does not require any maintenance or care.

Nothing is further from the truth, any electrical or mechanical component will always need maintenance and care.

Special mention to the lithium batteries. In most of the devices with battery that we normally use, we have developed a habit of daily charge. On the other hand, it is possible that during the winter we spend months without using our electric bicycle, which produces a degradation in the system.

To avoid this, we always give a few tips for use and maintenance:

  1. Mainly, keep the battery active and avoid it from over-discharging often
  2. Use the ebike at least once a month
  3. Charge the battery regularly
  4. Even leave the battery connected to the charger (It does not get damaged)

Finally, although it is not a recurrent question, it is a fundamental part when we buy an electric bicycle kit. We mean, what happens when my battery breaks down?

Replacement of Lithium Batteries

One of the things you need to be clear about when you enter the world of electric mobility is that sooner or later, you will have to replace your lithium battery with a new one.

We invite you to search the internet for places to replace this type of battery, compared to places that sell you kits, or even electric scooters or motorcycles.

If you have done this check, you will see that there are not many stores specializing in spare parts and manufacture of batteries for electric vehicles.

This is one of the biggest advantages of buying from Solaremobility.

We are manufacturers and specialists in lithium batteries. So by buying any of our products, you have 100% guarantee that when you replace the battery, you can come to us to solve the problem.

We hope you have solved some of your doubts, or learned something before buying your kit.

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