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Classic Electric City Scooter

Posted on3 Years ago

Emoped 3000W 72V

This fantastic model inspired by the classic electric scooter is ideal for everyday use. With a powerful electric motor of 3000W at 72V, you will get a remarkable performance to move in an agile way.

Ecological and Unrestricted Scooter

In addition to the aesthetics and careful design. Another great advantage of this type of vehicle is the restrictions. If you live in a big city, you will have noticed the changes that have been taking place in recent times. More bicycle lanes, more pedestrian space, and also, different benefits for electric mobility. One of the clearest is that there are no restrictions of any kind on travel. However, we can see how it is becoming increasingly difficult for combustion vehicles to access the centres of large cities, and also to circulate around them.

Powerful Electric Motor of 3000W at 72V with Lithium Battery

As for the mechanical side of this classic electric scooter, the level is unbeatable. A powerful electric motor of 3000W at 72V, accompanied by a lithium battery configurable according to customer needs. This lithium battery is removable so you have the option to charge it at home, or at any point. Always using the quick charge charger that comes with the bike.

One of the extras you can include in this electric motorcycle, is the trunk, which will allow you extra storage space.

Review Classic Electric Motorcycle

If after reading all this, you feel like seeing La Milano in action, you can't miss the video review we have prepared for you.

And as always, if you have any questions about this product, or about electric mobility, do not hesitate to contact us.

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