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Classification of Electric Vehicles for People with Reduced Mobility

Posted on4 Years ago

Classification of Electric Scooters

Electric wheelchair

This is an adaptation of a traditional wheelchair, which has been equipped with an electric motor and a battery. It is usually an intermediate step between the traditional wheelchair and more comfortable electric convenience vehicle (ECV).

Do you want to know the differences between a electric wheelchair and a electric mobility scooter?  Don't miss our post here.

They are being used less and less nowadays, in favor of the new electric vehicles with reduced mobility. Some users, however, are option to convert their handbikes batec into an electric handbike by adapting an e-kit.


  • Folding: As most models are foldable, we have this possibility for better transportation.
  • Comfort: It is still a chair, so we will normally be quite comfortable in it.
  • No physical effort: If you are a traditional wheelchair user, you will notice the positive changes form the first day. Moving in all directions with zero effort will save you energy for the activities you love.


  • Slow (max 7km/h in the latest models): As we will see later, these vehicles are extremely slow which can be a nightmare for the most active users.
  • Heavy: For wheelchairs, these vehicles can reach up to 35 kilos, and although they are foldable, their design does not allow for easy transport by car or public transport.
  • Expensive: If we compare their price with that of mobility scooters, the cost is quite high. Not easily affordable.
  • Mobility: When faced with small obstacles, the electric wheelchair struggles to overcome, as its designed for riding on flat and even pavements.
  • Slopes: Electric wheelchair tend to feature low powered motors. As a consequence, it is possible that your powered chair you will not be able to climb most slopes and ramps.

Electric Mobility Scooter

Electric Scooter 250W

One of the first e-mobility formats for the elderly to come on the market, it has improved its design and performance over the years and now provides a quick and easy solution to city travelling. It also incorporates very useful elements such as lighting and speed meter.

As one of the most common mobility scooters, there is a lot of second-hand market. Want to know more? We talk about it here.

It also includes some nice accessories for the user such as a front or basket. It feature a solid 250W electric motor with rear traction and give you the choice between AGM and lithium ion batteries.


  • Comfortable: Vehicle with adjustable cushioned seat and armrest.
  • Speed: These vehicles reach a much higher speed than electric wheelchairs (Up to 25 Km/h)
  • Best value: Quality/Price, surely one of the best mobility scooter for urban use..
  • Configurable battery: The capacity of lithium battery is configurable, so that the greater capacity (Ah), greater distances can be covered between recharges.
  • Slopes: This electric scooter is already capable of climbing most slopes and uphill streets.
  • Stability: An electric vehicle for the elders is much more stable than an e-wheelchair.


  • Bulky appearance: If you are one of those who value a modern design above anything else, it is true that this type of handicapped scooter has been on the market for some time now.
  • Motor: 250W is similar power to electric bikes, but with no pedals. Therefore, if your city has got many ramps, we recommend you opt for a more powerful special electric vehicle.

Electric Folding Scooter

Electric Folding Scooter 300WLightest Folding Scooter

Within the generic range of electric scooters, foldable electric scooters should be highlighted as they are becoming very popular. This type of folding electric vehicle responds to the need of modern users to transport these scooters in their cars or take them with them in their holidays. Also, they take up less space in our homes.

In this sense, we have two types of scooters:

  • Manual folding electric scooter: The folding process is performed manually, so it does not waste battery and prevent system failures.
  • Automatic Folding Electric Scooter: There are models that fold automatically by pressing a button. We believe that these systems are not only ridiculously expensive but add an unnecessary risk of technical failure.

There are also other types. There are complete folding scooters, and partially folding mobility scooters.

Advantages: In addition to those of a normal scooter

  • They take up less space, some models can be folded and stored vertically against any wall.
  • They can be carried inside a car’s trunk or on the train or bus.


  • In the case of automatics, an element of risk and extra expense for the lithium battery.

Electric off-road Mobility scooter Bikes

Electric Mobility Scooter 800W

Although it is true that they are not electric cars allows on roads and highways, they look very similar to a licensed electric vehicle. They are robust and powerful mobility scooters than easily overcome any type of terrain and the most demanding uphill ramps. Some even reach 800W of power. They are especially recommended for small cities or even private out-of-town estates. If used in the city they are very easy to ride but you need a parking space in your home.


  • Top powered motors to overcome obstacles of any kind.
  • Loading space to carry parcels and groceries.
  • Digital LCD display
  • Rear camera


  • They are bulky. They wont fit in some elevators.

As you can see, the range of electric mobility carts has seen a great evolution in recent times.

Now all you have to do is choose the one that best suits your needs. And as always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our specialized sales team to assist you.

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