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All Terrain Electric Big Wheel Scooter

Posted on3 Years ago

All Terrain Electric Scooter

You may know and have seen many models that promise the possibility of moving around any terrain. However, the Tigrah meets and exceeds all those promises, as it is a model specially designed for difficult terrain.

With a reinforced steel chassis, and top-notch hydraulic damping, this electric scooter off road can get through any obstacle without a hitch.

Electric field scooter

While it is true that most electric mobility products are designed for city travel. It is also true that the use of these electric vehicles has increasingly expanded to more rural environments.

Our Tigrah model is specially designed for these places.

Electric Powered Scooter for Seating Adults

This vehicle meets a number of requirements that make it perfect for day-to-day use by adults.

It has a powerful 2000W 60V electric motor. With it you will not have any problem to move, and above all you will notice the power when climbing strong slopes, where most electric scooters do not respond.

To support all this power, it has a double rear shock absorber. The high quality hydraulic shock absorbers, facilitate a more comfortable ride along with the leatherette seat. This means that the Tigrah does not force the driver's back as other more rigid models do.

Rechargeable and Configurable Lithium Battery

Another advantage of this all terrain electric scooter, is the possibility of installing a lithium battery entirely manufactured and customized in our facilities.

You can configure the rechargeable lithium battery to the autonomy that best suits the use of the Tigrah.

Video Review

So that you can see how this beast behaves in motion, we've created this video review. We hope you enjoy the content.

And if you still have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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