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Electric Mobility and Security

Posted on3 Years ago

In this sense, today travelling with an electric vehicle or mobility scooter is very safe. This is because we normally drive in places specially designed for this type of vehicle. Like bike lanes and the like. Even pedestrian areas always respect the speed limits. And also for pedestrians. Not forgetting safety and visibility elements such as helmets and reflective vests.

A change in favour of safety in electric mobility.

As you may have noticed, cities have evolved in recent years, due to the need to reduce the environment and pollution. The transformation of urban areas has benefited electric mobility vehicles and scooters, with more space to move freely.

However, when we talk about safety and vehicles with reduced mobility, we must not forget that there are various technological solutions that can help us in cases of extreme need.
I would kindly just ask you to replace this part with the one in red, putting the links I have put in brackets on the words. change into an infallible security solution.

Thanks to the Save Life Button and the dedicated app you can move around the city safely. In fact, the system automatically sends emergency alerts on your smartphone to friends/parents in the event of a fall or accident. Thanks to the geolocation function, your location is indicated in real time.

In addition, thanks to the collaboration between the 112 emergency number and, in case no one can help you, the Lifesaving system guarantees emergency medical assistance by automatically calling the 112 service.

This is particularly interesting for the elderly and children to ensure their electric mobility.
Certified vehicles.

At Solaremobility, all our products have European quality certification, which guarantees their safety and quality.

Finally, we also produce all the lithium batteries that are assembled in our products. In this way, we guarantee that one of the most delicate elements of an electric vehicle has the level of quality expected.

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