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Electric Scooter 500W Jailbreak

Posted on3 Years ago

The best electric scooter quality and price.

And if for something stands out the Jailbreak, is for being a very complete electric scooter in all aspects.

Great technological advantages, hand in hand with a tight and accessible price, so that everyone can enjoy one of the best mid-range electric scooters.

500W electric scooter

That's right, with a 500W 36V electric motor, the Jailbreak can glide over the asphalt with great comfort, saving unevenness and slopes of all kinds.

It also has a 36V 12Ah lithium battery, which allows it to reach a range of up to 40 kms, ideal for everyday use.

Electric scooter for adults with modern design

Another strong point of the Jailbreak is undoubtedly its chrome-plated steel chassis, available in two colour versions, one black and one white.

This design detail makes the Jailbrak one of the most elegant scooters on the market. Although not less versatile.

This is because it has 10" tires perfectly designed to move on asphalt and other existing terrains in the big city. It is also totally foldable and transportable, since for a scooter of these dimensions, the Jailbreak only weighs 21 KG.

With these dimensions, this adult electric scooter is capable of carrying up to 120kg of weight without affecting the behaviour of the scooter.

Modern and technological electric scooter

In short, that's exactly what the Jailbreak is, a quality, modern electric vehicle. Which also incorporates the latest technology in electric scooters. Such as anti-theft alarm, automatic lock, remote control etc.

Without forgetting that it reaches 25 km/h without any problem and has European approval and product data sheet.

Review Jailbreak

By now you're thinking, "I just have to watch it live." Well, now you can with our video review.

You can also subscribe to our youtube channel and find the full range of Fotona Mobility.

And if you still have questions, you can contact us and ask all your questions.

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