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Electric Scooters Guide 2020

Posted on4 Years ago

Cheap Electric Scooters Xiaomi m365 type

We think this is the easiest way for you to identify the format of electric scooters we are referring to. Yes, Xiaomi is the best known brand for cheap electric scooters but it is also known for their fragility and associated problems they can cause.

Repeated punctured tires over and over again, electronic failures, batteries that break down, but at least they are low-cost scooters... Or so it seems at first glance.

Nothing could be further from the truth. At we are going to show you that we can provide you with cheap and electric scooters with higher rated power from Spanish brand Fotona Mobility, than those sold by the Chinese giant.

  • Click!: Low priced electric scooter that features a front 350W hub motor and can achieve a range of up to 30 kilometers. It includes flatless tires (no more punctures!) and a digital display. It offers +50W more power for less price that its direct competitor. No wonder why our Click! scooter is quickly becoming the new king of cheap electric scooters.
  • Jailbreak: The slopes and urban ramps won't be a problem anymore with this scooter. Thanks to its 500W rear motor and a range of up to 40km, it is our best value electric scooter when comparing features and price. This beast on wheels boast +200W power than its Chinese competition, for a very similar price. Not to mention that it incorporates the latest high-tech features such as antitheft alarm with wheels blockage, color LCD display and brake rear light. If you are looking for the best electric scooter for your daily commute, look no further, Jailbreak is all you need.

Adult Electric Scooters with Seat

One of the most popular range of e-scooters are Fotona Mobility’s offroad formats. These models feature a high-rated motor and a seat for greater comfort and safer riding.

Thanks to the democratization of electric mobility, users can comfortably move around the city in their day-to-day life with these electric scooters or even discover their natural surrounding thanks to their long-range and large format tires. In that sense, there are several models available:

  • Piccolo 350W: One of our most popular models for the city. This electric scooter has 350W engine and can reach 77km with one single charge. In includes a comfortable seat and a very convenient rear basket which is ideal to carry your groceries or backpack.
  • Electric Scooter 2000W: This is our all-time best selling e-skate. Indeed, it has positioned itself as one of the top electric scooters on the market within its range. It features large inflatable tires, color LCD display, comfortable seat and several lithium battery options. It is a great mobility choice if you live in small and middle-size towns as it allows you to get anywhere in a matter of minutes. Introduce electric mobility into your life now. Go high-end with the 2000W electric scooter.
  • Powerful 2500W Scooter: This is the big brother of them all. Indeed, it represents the ultimate electric scooters with a seat for those who love speed and thrust. It is such an incredible machine that you will never want to get off of it. Fotona’s 2500W scooter is a hard to beat rival.

Off-Road Electric Scooters

Another segment that has seen major growth since electric scooters became fashionable is that of all-terrain electric scooters. These are powerful electric scooters with large all-terrain wheels.

With these scooters you will be able to ride routes through fields as they are a great option to transit natural grounds with certain difficulty. Without a doubt, they are a great mean of transport for both leisure and professional use, to move around rural areas in an environmentally-friendly way.

  • Tigräh: With its powerful 60V 2000W electric motor, this electric scooter for adults with tubeless tires is a great option that also incorporates a comfortable adjustable seat. It can achieve a crazy 115kms range that will be more than enough for you to perform long rides routes across the countryside. Live an unique off road experience with Tigräh.
  • TITAN 3200W: At up to 80km/h, it is surely the most powerful and fastest electric scooter on the market by far thanks to its double 1600W electric motor reaching a whooping 3200W combined power. It can take you anywhere, no matter how steep the obstacle might be, as it climbs all kinds of ramps and uphill roads. Not to mention the latest technology incorporated such as remote controlled antitheft alarm, turn lights, rear brake light, double dual shock absorber, LCD display. This is a top-of-the-game electric vehicle. Titan will take you places.

3-Wheeled Electric Scooters

We have left our category of 3-wheeled scooters for the end. These electric scooters are very sought after products both for disable users and those experienced riders that a looking for a ride very different to the 2-wheel norm.

  • Drei: Our 3-wheel e-scooter has got a balancing system that will provide you with unparalleled stability. It also features a 450W rear hub engine that reaches up to 100km range per charge. Drei is a unique driving experience that you don’t want to miss.

As you can see, the world of electric mobility is constantly evolving and at solarembility we are grebbing it with both hands thank to our partnership with Spanish manufacturer Fotona Mobility who not only offers the widest range of quality EV’s from e-bikes kits with batteries to e-skateboards and mobility scooters, but it also manufactures its own li-ion battery packs. Always with the aim of offering you the best.

Would you like to see our products in full motion? Visit our youtube channel, subscribe and comment on what you think.

And if you have any doubts or queries, don't forget that you can always contact us and we will be delighted to help you.

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