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How to Install an Electric Bike Kit?

Posted on4 Years ago

How to Install an Electric Bicycle Kit

In any case, one of the doubts you will surely have will be how to install your new electric bicycle kit on your own.

At Solaremobility we have been mounting e-kits for over 10 years, today we are going to show you how to assemble your electric bicycle kit step by step. Are you up for it?

Let's get started!

The first thing you need to know is:

What the Elements that make up your Electric Bike Kit:

  1. Motor: Built into the rear wheel, or front wheel, whichever you choose.
  2. Lithium battery: For us, the best quality battery.
  3. Controller: The "brain" of your kit, acts as a switchboard.
  4. Water-proof connections: We refer to the wiring system of your bike.
  5. PAS sensor: The one that warns the engine to provide energy.
  6. Display screen: Engine on which we will make the settings of the bike.
  7. Brake sensor: Reinforces the braking.
  8. Battery charger for your bike.

And here we go with the

Steps to Follow to Install your Electric Bike Kit:

  1. Put the battery on charge
  2. Replace the wheel
  3. Install the PAS sensor on your pedal
  4. Proceed to place the Display screen on your bike’s handlebar
  5. Place the brake levers or cut-off system
  6. Install the Lithium battery and controller
  7. Proceed to connect all the wiring of the bike
  8. Adjust the wiring
  9. Check the system is operating correctly

Before we start with the explanation in detail, we have some tips when buying a quality electric bike kit.

Make sure that the electric kit for bike with battery includes all the necessary components. This will save you some trouble and setbacks in your enjoyment. In the case of our electric bike kits, we always include all the components you will need to make a fully functional e-bike out of your bicycle.

It is also essential that the lithium battery is made of 18650 lithium cells, as it will offer you much greater performance than any other types such as acid lead batteries.

Another fundamental point is the warranty period. At solaremobility all kits come with a 2 year warranty across Europe. However, if you decide to buy an electric bicycle kit from another store, we recommend that they offer at least 1 year of warranty.

And without any further delay, we will assemble our electric kit:

1. Charge the Lithium Battery:

Once you have opened the electric bike kit box and made sure everything is in order, the first thing we have to do is to charge the Lithium Battery using the charger supplied.

It would not be the first time that someone thinks that he does not know how to install a kit to electrify bicycles, and the only thing that happens is that the battery is not charged.

2. Place the Wheel:

If you've got one of our electric bike kit cheap, you will have checked that the wheel has got a built-in motor and is ready to mount.

If you buy from another store, make sure that the wheel and rim are perfectly positioned, aligned and assembled. If not, the work to mount it and adjust the spokes of the rim is expensive and requires specific material that you may not have.

We remind you that we have available kits for electric bicycles with batteries with rear and front motors and 250W and 1000W power.

Once you have it, you only have to replace your old wheel with your new motorized wheel (either front or rear).

In the case of the rear wheel, you can keep the original sprockets and adapt them to your new motorised wheel, if they are compatible, or buy your kit with the sprockets already pre-installed.

3. PAS Pedal Sensor:

The third point is the placement of the sensor on the bike's pedalier. Depending on the type of sensor you have, you will have to remove the pedal to insert it, or you can do it without doing using any tools, if you choose such a component. This circular component incorporates magnets that detect pedaling and "warn" the engine to move and assist you.

4. Display Screen:

It is time to install the display on the handlebars of the bike. We will start by placing the Display screen, and adjust it with the available anchors.

This screen will allow you to open the following data:

  1. Choose between 5 levels of assistance or deactivate the pedal assistance
  2. Display the battery charge level in real time
  3. See driving speed
  4. Knowing how many kilometers you've pedaled. How cool is that?

5. Brakes:

Also on the handlebars, we replaced the standard brakes with the powerful electric cut-off brake levers from our kit.

6. Battery and Controller:

It is time to install the controller and the electric bike battery. Depending on the type of battery you have bought, you will install it in a specific place on the bike’s frame. It also depends on the type of battery you install, the controller will be attached to it, or independently. In any case, we recommend always having the wiring tidy to facilitate the installation.

All the batteries are removable, so you can charge it at any time and place.

Remember that the controller is a fundamental element, since it collects the energy from the battery and distributes it to the rest of the elements in the kit.

7. Configure the Bike's Wiring:

Perhaps one of the most important steps, and one that we must face without hurry.

Connection by connection, we must close all the electrical circuits that make up the electric bike kit front wheel until everything is perfectly closed.

8. Adjust the Wiring:

A complementary action to the previous one. With the flanges and fastening material available in the kit, adjust the wiring to the different points of the frame and the rest of the bike. It is important to avoid the cables rubbing in the future and being damaged.

9. Check the Operation of the System:

Once the whole system is connected, we will proceed to make the pertinent checks.

We will see if the display screen lights up. If when turning the pedals the motor energy comes in to provide energy, and if the brakes work efficiently.

Finally, we will only have to enjoy our bike with electric bike kit 250W in the way we choose.

Finally, if for whatever reason you have encountered an inconvenience, we invite you to contact us and comment on your doubts, and we will try to solve them as soon as possible. At Solaremobility, we want everyone to be able to enjoy electric mobility.

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