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Types of Electric Bicycles.

Posted on3 Years ago

Electric Mountain Bikes

One of the fastest growing markets at the moment is the mountain bike or mtb market. Many people are getting on a bicycle, to go and enjoy natural environments while doing sport.

Some want to be physically demanding, and do not use methods of propulsion beyond the pedals. And also those who, for one reason or another, are looking for a little more comfort and are betting on buying an electric bicycle. In this way, they can enjoy all kinds of mountain bike routes, in a more comfortable way.

Thanks to this, more and more different models of electric mountain bikes are proliferating. Although to better evaluate the technical aspects, it is better to consult this post, in which we talk about the subject.

Electric Road Bikes

This is usually a rather particular case. This is because most road-bike users are big fans who do not normally use electric propulsion, as they are out for hobby and sport.

It is also true, however, that there is a very distinct profile of people who use electric road bikes, or adapt theirs with an electric bicycle motor kit. And these are none other than lifelong enthusiasts who, at a certain age, lower their physical performance, but not their passion for cycling.

At this point, they look for support and solutions to continue enjoying a hobby like cycling. In these cases, they always look for a kit with an electric motor for road cycling. This is because road bikes have a high cost and are customised for each cyclist. By installing a kit, it is not necessary to make a new investment, beyond the cost of the kit.

Electric Tour Bikes

In this section, we will include all types of bicycles whose fundamental use is transport in the city, walks along easily accessible routes and similar journeys.

We are talking about the classic bicycles for walking, which in many cases have front baskets or rear grills. In this sense, the use of electric bicycles is especially useful, as our main objective with them is to move around the city, or small walks without physical demands.

Electric Folding Bikes

One of the developments in recent years regarding bicycles is the folding electric bicycle. They have been growing since they came onto the market and there are many people who use them regularly.

It is a smaller version than a city bike and has a mechanism that allows it to be folded at the centre of the frame. This makes it very comfortable for everyday use, given the reduction in space and weight compared to a normal bicycle.

Other Bicycles, Electric Bike Kit

In addition to all the models of bicycles seen so far, there are a multitude of types or classes of bicycles within the above groups (only in the mountains, we would have the enduro, trail, semi-rigid, double suspension etc.)

There are also other similar types of vehicles, such as tricycles, tandems and others.

Kits with electric motors for wheeled vehicles

One of the things that all the types of bicycles and similar vehicles that we have described above have in common is that they can incorporate a kit with an electric motor to transform our bicycle into an electric one.

Without a doubt, this is one of the options to take into account if you are considering electric transport. It will always save you money, as you will usually be able to ride on a bicycle you already have, without adding the cost of a new bicycle. As you know, bicycles last for many years, and it is not necessary to buy a new one, when you can mount an electric kit and transform it to enjoy it much longer.

If you want to see all the options about electric kits, do not hesitate to visit our website, and finally, you can always use our contact form for any doubt or suggestion.

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