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Types of Kits for Electric Bicycles

Posted on2 Years ago

Kits for Rear-Motor Electric Bicycles.

Without a doubt the type of kit that has been on the market for the longest time and the most reliable due to the fact that the current versions have been improving the defects of the first models.

It consists of a kit that places the motor on the rear wheel. The connection is made through the battery control unit, the sensor that is placed on the pedal, and all this information travels to the LCD display that reaches the handlebars of the bike, including the brake sensor, an important element so that when we press the brake levers, the sensor deactivates the energy provided by the motor.

An easy structure and installation, which is done in a simple way and which we explain in this post.

As you may have guessed, this is the exclusive kit we use at Solaremobility. We are aware that there are other types of kits for electric bicycles, but today this is a safe bet.

Central Motor Electric Kit.

Another of the existing possibilities on the market are the new central electric bicycle kits. These kits try to simulate 100% the operation of an electric bicycle, which is designed from the factory for this type of motor.

This makes the installation of the kit much more complicated, as a normal bicycle was not manufactured with this type of kit in mind. It is also true that these kits have only been on the market for a short time, so some models are not well polished and can generate incidents.

Nobody knows if in the future this type of kit will be standardized, however today, they are not the most efficient solution.

Frictional Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits

These kits make an motor assembly and a roller incorporated to the rear wheel. Nowadays they are practically eliminated from the assembly process. They result in a poor weight distribution on the bike and the motor development is not optimal.

In addition, it is a system that is not recommended for certain types of bicycles or uses, such as road crossings or descents, where the bicycle suffers great vibrations.

Finally, there are some kits, which consist of small motor and battery systems, which can be installed in the bike's tubular network, so that they are camouflaged.

Although due to the limited space available for installation, many features have to be compromised.

So far, our particular summary of the types of kits you can install on your bike to convert it to electric.

As always, we encourage you to contact us if you have any doubt or question through our form.

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