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Wheelchair or Electric Mobility Scooter, Which is better?

Posted on4 Years ago

Wheelchair or electric scooter for the disabled?

One of the first doubts you will have is whether to buy a conventional vehicle that you have to drive with your arms (the famous wheelchair), or if you will opt for some other format that is more comfortable and does not require any physical input from you. If you choose the later, then there are a few things you should know.

What types of electric vehicles for the elderly are there?

The fleet of electric vehicles for handicapped people have grown exponentially in the last 5 years. This renewed portfolio of models that can be use in the cities as well as for more off-road terrains is encouraging many wheelchair users to switch to electric scooters in order to expand the freedom of movement while reducing their physical effort. In addition, the breakthrough of lithium-ion batteries has given way to increasingly long ranges, capable of exceeding 100 km, and that can be comfortably recharged at home at a very low utility cost.  Still unsure about buying a mobility scooter?

Here's 6 reasons to buy an electric vehicle for people with reduced mobility

  1. European cities are well prepared for disability scooters (wide and paved sidewalks, and bike lanes) 
  2. Make the mobility of older people very easy and simple, thus preventing injuries.
  3. It is not an orthopedic product. It can be purchase from quality electric mobility dealers at a very reasonable cost.
  4. Scooters for the disabled are safe and easy to use. Speed is limited to 25kmh max.
  5. Personal mobility vehicles offer great freedom for users and boost their self-esteem
  6. Low purchasing and maintenance cost of electric mobility vehicles

Cities more prepared than ever for reduced mobility scooters

As part of the modern laws for the social integration of the disabled and the plans for the reduction of pollution. Most large countries like France, Italy, Germany or Portugal are adapting their urban infrastructure to facilitate commuting with alternative vehicles to the car.

In this sense, electric vehicles for the disabled are more and more common on European streets. Since the spaces adapted for this type of vehicle are increasingly larger and more spacious, it is more comfortable for the handicapped to move around with their electric convenience scooter.

This is due to the inclusion of urban elements such as ramps, wider doors, cycle lanes etc. Even newly designed buildings feature wider lifts and elevators. Access with your electric aid scooter is easier than ever before, especially if you have a folding mobility scooter.

They improve the mobility of the elderly and physically disabled, and prevents injuries.

One of the greatest risks faced by a person with reduced mobility is suffering an accident in their daily routine.

Most of these accidents come from falls due to physical exhaustion and riding on uneven grounds. Falls with wheelchair users are very common and in some cases, they can end up isolating vulnerable users and preventing them from leading a normal life.

However, mobility vehicles are safer options due to their 3 or 4-wheeled stable design leading to a boost of confidence and eagernes s to ride outdoors. Thruworthy brands such as Fotona Mobility offer a with range of special needs vehicles that fully certified in the EU and meet all safety standards.

In this way, getting around in your day-to-day life will become much easier, which will increase your confidence, and as a result you will see that you are increasingly keen to enjoy yourself while you save your energies for the important things in life.

It is not an orthopedic product.

One main reason why some people claimed until recently for not buying a senior motorbike was precisely the scarcity of models – most of them looking very “medical” - and that these were only available in orthopedics retailers or pharmacies; with the consequent psychological stigma ("no, I don't need this! I am not dying!").

Today, all these prejudices seem to have been left well behind of us. The democratization of electric mobility is here to stay. It is no longer rare to see people comfortably travelling to their workplace on a high-range electric scooter. Or even installing an electric kit on their bicycle.

This comes from a world-wide change in thinking, which favors ecological transportation options and fully accepts the new electric vehicles formats as part of our everyday lives.

In this sense, the range of electric vehicles with reduced mobility offers a great deal of novelties that can adapt to all types of users, with a variety of needs.

There are models that even incorporate a rear camera – same as the modern cars - , such as the MOTO800W mobility scooter. In addition, our 10 year experience as e-mobility sellers allow us to offer you the best technical advice. This way, you will only have to worry about enjoying yourself in you new improved life.

Scooters for the disabled are easy to use.

Another problem to date, was the complexity of this type of vehicle. Today, the user experience has been greatly improved. This is due to a betterment in technology, from batteries to controllers and powerful DC motors. As a consequence, the new e-scooter models can use very easily by any user, regardless of their physical limitation or age

Modern electric mobility carts are designed to provide an immediate response with minimum human interaction. That is why their dashboards are much simpler and intuitive than those built in cars or motorbikes. In fact, anybody with mobility in their hands can operate them with just one finger - a clear example of how less is more!

Personal mobility vehicles offer more freedom and more self-esteem. 

The possibility of leaving the house at the time you choose, depending only on your own schedule, will undoubtedly make you a more confident and happier person.

And there is no turning back!  Once you try your electric mobility scooter you will no longer want to live without it – freedom is addictive. Even if you want to take it on a road trip, don't forget that most models are suitable for travelling, so if you need a folding electric scooter for your trip, it is also within your reach thanks to Lightest mobility scooter. When you leave the house on your own, you don’t want to depend on a carer around the clock that pushes you around. Regain the control of your life while you contribute to a greener environment.

Cost of electric mobility vehicles

Another great advantage of electric mobility vehicles is that they do not incur great upfront costs not maintenance fees.

According to the calculations made by our specialized technical team, the cost of charging your lithium battery to ride for a 100 kilometers distance is about 0.50 € ?.

And as if that fact is not enough to convince you, you must also know that the low maintenance this type of vehicle leads to greater saving for your pocket over its lifespan, compare to regular gas-powered cars and motorbikes.

We hope we have inspired you to take a major leap in quality in your life and start enjoy it to the fullest thank to the fast-moving world of electric mobility.

Should you have any questions about our products, remember that we are always at your disposal.  Our specialized sales team will be happy to answer all your questions so please do not hesitate to contact us through any of our available communication channels.

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