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Why buy an electric motorbike? What do you need to know?

Posted on3 Years ago

Electric motorbike, a bet on the future

The first thing you need to know, and more importantly. is that electric mobility in general, and electric motorbikes in particular, are simply the future. There is no going back on this, the system by which we consume gasoline and diesel fueled vehicles is obsolete. And the clearest bet for the future is propulsion by electric motors.

Just by looking around you will realise this. Both large cities and small towns are being transformed to facilitate electric mobility. Whether by creating cycle lanes, restricting access to certain areas for combustion vehicles, or also with tax advantages.

Differences between electric and petrol motorbikes

At the regulatory level, guidelines may vary from country to country. It is best to consult the relevant traffic authority.

On an aesthetic level, the first thing we miss on an electric motorbike is the absence of an exhaust pipe. The characteristic space occupied by the engine and radiator is also replaced by the battery compartment.

When it comes to driving, that's where the real difference comes in. The first thing you notice when you start the bike is the absence of engine vibration, although the most noticeable change is undoubtedly the silence of the electric motor, compared to the sound of combustion engines. Also the absence of gas emissions.

Another substantial physical change is the weight of the bike. We changed pistons, radiators, exhaust pipes and engine, for an electric motor on the rear wheel, a controller and a battery. This reduces the weight and improves the manoeuvrability of the electric motorbike.

What is the price of an electric motorbike?

Always bearing in mind that the price depends directly on the characteristics of the vehicle, the purchase range for an electric motorbike is usually between 1,500 and 4,000 euros.

The components that vary most in the price of a vehicle of this type are the engine and the lithium battery. The latter is still quite unknown to the general public. Although it is widely used in all electric mobility formats such as scooters, mobility scooters or ebikes.

What is so special about the battery in an electric scooter?

It is undoubtedly the most important component and one that determines the vehicle's autonomy. This is why we must choose the type of battery we want very carefully when buying an electric scooter.

It is by far the most expensive component of any electric vehicle (unless it only has one battery and you can't even get to the corner). While it is true that there are options for lead-acid batteries for use in electric mobility, these are in decline and are used less and less. The vast majority of latest generation electric motorbikes are fitted with lithium-ion batteries, which allow more kilometres to be covered, are lighter and have a longer life than lead batteries.

As far as technical aspects of the batteries are concerned, there are two concepts you need to be clear about.

  • Voltage: The voltage is the electrical potential at which the engine works
  • Amps: Unit that measures the intensity of electrical current

The voltage must always be the same between the motor and the battery. A motor working at 60 volts will never work with a 48v battery. As far as mopeds are concerned, a minimum voltage of 60V is recommended, and 72V is recommended, to ensure a stable flow of energy to the motor.

As far as amps are concerned, what it tells us is the battery's autonomy. The greater the amperage, the greater the amount of electrical energy stored in the battery and the greater the distance that can be covered.

Removable battery

Another of the great advantages of an electric motorbike over a combustion one is the autonomy recharge.

Forget about visiting petrol stations, you can recharge the battery of your motorbike anywhere you have an electrical socket. There is no need to install chargers of any kind as in electric cars or high-powered electric motorbikes.

All you need is your charger. The lithium battery has a simple system by which to disconnect it from the motorbike and connect it to the battery charger. And the only maintenance of a lithium battery, is to change it every 3-4 years, period of useful life of the same one. Although it is always recommended not to leave it empty for a long time.

Technical service and workshop

Another difference between electric and combustion motorbikes. Is the fact that the electric motorbike needs less maintenance than the combustion one. Forget about all the oil changes, filters etc.

What you will have to take into account is the degradation of the tyre. And the replacement of the lithium battery.

I save when I buy an electric motorbike.

The saving comes in 3 ways:

  1. You will never spend another euro in gasoline or oil changes
  2. The failure rate of an electric motorbike is much lower than that of petrol models
  3. This will seem like a joke but the cost - in terms of electricity bills - of covering 100kms is less than 1

In addition, in most cities parking your bike is free and it is possible that being electric you may qualify for other tax benefits when making your purchase.

If you have any additional doubts about this great format of sustainable mobility, please contact us.

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