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Conversion kit for ride bicycle with 250W motor


Kit to motorize a city bike or ride available with 26", 27.5", 28" or 29" tires. Incorporates display with odometer and 3 levels of pedal assistance. Rear Rack removable battery with different autonomies available. 

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Conversion electric kit for ride bicycle

This kit is specifically designed to transform a tour bike into an electric bike with nothing to envy to e-bikes of similar format. In fact, the components it incorporates, starting with its battery of up to 19,2Ah, are of the highest quality and are designed to function optimally for years to come. For a better integration in city bikes, the battery includes a grill compatible with any frame.

Brushless motor: 

It is crimped into the kit's own rim (rear wheel). With a power of 250W - the legal maximum for driving in a city - it provides the necessary thrust to face any hill with the minimum effort. Maintenance-free.

Lithium-ion bicycle battery:

The battery is removable and comes with a rear rack that can be adapted to any frame. Just replace the existing grill to make it perfectly installed.

Being large format, the battery can accommodate 3 levels of capacity as preferred by the user. It should be remembered that the more Ah (ampere hours) the greater the distance travelled between recharges.

Motorized rim:

Options to adapt to almost any bike ride. It has a threaded axle compatible with sprockets that work with this system and can be purchased with the kit.


The multifunction digital display is located on the handlebars for better management of the electrical system. The LCD display is very intuitive and shows information about:

  • Attendance level. There are 5 levels.
  • Speed in km/h
  • Total distance travelled
  • Partial distance travelled
  • Battery charge level

Additional Components: 

  • Electrically cut brake levers
  • Pedal-assisted sensor
  • 36V lithium charger

Weight: 5 kg

Estimated battery life Lithium-Ion 3-4 years

Warranty Limitations:

Maximum speed. In compliance with applicable European regulations for electric bicycles with pedal assistance, our kits are limited to a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Breakdowns resulting from the user's modification of the maximum speed parameter will not be covered by the kit's warranties, therefore, in order to ensure safe use, we discourage manipulation of the kit's factory values.

NOTE: The data on range (km) and maximum speed (km/h) given in this product are estimates because they depend on at least three factors:

  1. Rider weight
  2. Unevenness of the terrain
  3. Average driving speed

For longer range and battery life, a moderate level of assistance is recommended.

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