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484.00 € (tax to be det.)
All-included electric kit for mountain bikes. It features a top quality CE-approved 250W Fotona Mobility brushless motor that can be installed in the rear or front wheel. The e-kit is available with a choice of 2...
701.00 € (tax to be det.)
Good value 48V electric bicycle conversion kit designed to easily adapt to any high performance Mountain Bike. It features a 1000W brushless motor which is powered by a choice of 48V 12,8Ah li-ion battery cases (frog...
509.00 € (tax to be det.)
Electric kit with motor to electrify folding bicycles. Includes 26", 20" motorized rim and drawer-type battery behind the seat post. Conversion kit with 5 levels of assistance and different autonomy options.  Converts...
514.25 € (tax to be det.)
Great electric handbike conversion kit for 16" and 20" wheels. Includes 36V bottle-type battery with 4 capacity options: 9.6Ah, 12.8Ah, 16Ah y 19,2Ah. 250W burshless motor and multifunction LCD display with 5 levels...
573.00 € (tax to be det.)
Fantastic electric tricycle kit for adults with 250W 36V front engine. 20", 26" or 16" rim options. Available in various lithium battery formats and capacities. Digital display with 5 levels of pedal assistance. 
978.89 € (tax to be det.)
Complete kit to convert a bicycle into an electric one with great autonomy. Motor 250W 36V that is suitable for public roads with autonomies superior to any other kit with motor. You have the option to choose the...
1 028.50 € (tax to be det.)
Electric bicycle kit for MTB with high performance and great autonomy. Kit composed of 1000W 48V brushless motor and 27.5 inch chromed aluminium rim. Triangular shaped battery with two options of 22,4Ah and 32Ah rigid...
484.00 € (tax to be det.)
All-included electric kit for mountain bikes. It features a top quality CE-approved 250W Fotona Mobility brushless motor that can be installed in the rear or front wheel. The e-kit is available with a choice of 2...
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Kit for electric bike

Did you know that you can install an electric kit on your bike and save up to 70% of the cost of a new electric bicycle? At Solaremobility we have an big assortment of kits to convert your bike into a quality electric bike. We are able to convert any bike into an electric one, with the aim of facilitating your mobility in you daily commutes.

As you know, in the near future all transportation will be electric regardless of the format you choose. All governments are agreeing to stop climate change and its consequences, which will affect us all starting by adopting green means of transport. And not only that, society is also changing and users demand more environmentally friendly vehicles.

If you have visited any big city recently, you have probably seen how restrictive measures are being put in place to limit the use of fuel-based vehicles. Some European towns like London, Paris or Rome are even forbidding access to their city centers when pollution levels surpass a certain threshold.

This is changing the urban transport paradigm, leaving more space for electric mobility to thrive. This is facilitating the transition to this type of zero-emission vehicles, for example:

And many others. Surely, you know of some cases of creation of bicycle lanes, in places where only cars used to circulate.

In a scenario like this, more and more people are encouraged to use their bicycle as a means of transport. However, if your route is very demanding, you will not always want to put the pedaling effort nor arrive all sweated up at you workplace. This is why electric bike kits are gaining many followers in the market.

Electric bicycle vs Electric Bike Kits

One of the first questions you'll probably ask yourself when considering a switch to electric mobility will be: Do I buy an electric bike, or do I buy a kit to convert my bike to electric? While the final product will look pretty similar, please not the following benefits from bike conversion kits:

  • Cheaper option: Price is always a solid argument for choosing to install a kit over buying a bicycle with electric motor. In fact, even if we buy a new bicycle for ourselves and we adapt an electric bike kit to it, the total expenditure will be less that if we buy a new electric bike. In fact, this leads us to the second reason.
  • Variety of choice: If you want a new bicycle powered by an electric motor, the range available is rather limited when compared to all the regular bicycles available in the EU market. Indeed, the availability of ebike models is very small and have some disadvantages that we will detail later. On the other hand, the range of normal bicycles is immense to cover your needs. Remember you can transform any bike you like into a fully functioning electric bicycle one of our Fotona Mobility kits.
  • Adaptability: In all of our kits, you can choose the lithium ion battery size and format that best suits your needs. Besides you will have the choice of two powerful engines, which we will tell you about below. Feel free to choose the durability and range of your lithium battery for your e-bike.
  • Maintenance: This is a very important aspect that normally slips under the radar when you decide to buy a brand you ebike – especially the most expensive one. All lithium batteries and electric motors are bound to need adjustments in the long run. One of the great advantages that our ekits have is that they feature an open systems. This means that any local repair workshop – even if they don’t sell Fotona Mobility brand - will be able to fix and replace any component. On the other hand, if you buy a brand name electric bicycle, the electronic system is always "closed", so you will have very limited repair options via the manufacturer’s official dealers.

And these are just additional advantages when opting to convert your bicycle that add up to the benefits of electric bikes themselves. You will be able to park much easier than with a car, less traffic jams, you contribute to a cleaner environment, you can use it in your free time... The possibilities are endless.

For all types of bicycles

Whether on your road bike or your mountain bike, we have a kit to transform your bike into an electric one. Even if your bike is urban, with a nice rear rack, we adapt to install the equipment and facilitate your movements.

We also adapt to tricycles and other cycle formats. We even have kits for children's electric bikes. Because they, who will lead the world of tomorrow, must learn to take care of it from the very first moment. Don't hesitate to ask us if you have any doubts.

Also, if you have a children's seat installed on your bike, we adapt perfectly to it, so that you do not have to make annoying modifications.

How to install an electric bike kit

Another advantage of buying a kit to electrify your bike is that you can perform the installation yourself. While at Solaremobility we always advise you to trust expert mechanics, it is totally feasible to adapt the kit on your own. You will only need to follow the instructions and use some basic tools in order to get your electric bike up and running in no time.

The elements that make up a kit to electrify bikes are the following:

  • Display screen: In which you can see the different configuration options:

                   - Assistance level: You have up to 5 levels of assistance, depending on how much you want to pedal.
                   - Speed in km/h
                   - Total distance travelled
                   - Partial distance travelled
                   - Battery charge level

  • Motor wheel: In this case, we have two types of motors for your bike

                   - 250W motor: The standard and legal version across the EU, it is a wheel with a 250W engine installed that reaches 25kmh. undoubtedly the best option for your daily commute in the city.
                   - 1000W motor: Our most powerful DC motor for ebike. European countries only allow this motor to be used outdoors, inside private areas and always outside of the city centers for it can ride at high speed. However, this is a very popular motor kit among mountain bike riders, for it can reach speeds beyond 50kmh – a delight for any adventurer.

  • Waterproof cabling and connectors: Important when installing the kit, durability and quality guaranteed.
  • Battery: The most important and expensive element together with the engine, and at the same time the most configurable. Fotona Mobility offers different battery case formats and capacity so that you can install them nicely. We will tell you about our li-ion opctions later.
  • PAS Sensor: The one in charge of activating the motor when pedaling so that you make you rides effortles.
  • Brake sensor with electric cutoff: To ensure maximum braking performance and safety.

Types of batteries for electric bike kits

As we mentioned before, there are several types and formats for your electric bike conversion kit battery:

  • Triangle: it is installed on the 90 degree inner corner of the bike’s frame that is closest to the seat, just between the legs of the cyclist. This is a very popular hard battery case option that allows for the maximum lithium battery capacity.
  • Bottle: It occupies the space of the bike’s water bottle. The bottle battery case can be easily detached in order to be charges at home.  It’s the most common battery format for e-kits.
  • Rack: The most common li-ion battery type for city bicycles and hybrid bikes. Conveniently inserted in rear grill rack. It can be taken out of its base easily and charged separately.
  • Frog: Hooked up to the seat’s vertical tube, it free space on the frame to attached other components.

All these formats are compatible with any of Fotona Mobility conversion kits for bicycles. Also, each of the cases allow for several capacity options depending on the user’s budget and range needs. You will not find battery cases with larger capacities than ours. Make Solaremobility your starting point for a new lifestyle thanks to Fotona Mobility options.

Our technical department designs and manufactures each battery we put in our e bike kits since 2009. We have a workshop full of staff specialized in creating, assembling and adapting lithium batteries for all types of electric mobility vehicles. Therefore, we can guarantee a product of the highest quality and top durability for our customers.

Battery options for your Electric Bike Conversion Kit in Europe

Whenever we talk about batteries used in electric mobility, there are always two options to consider:

Acid-lead or AGM battery: While this is the cheapest option, there no aspect of this old-fashioned technology that can beat lithium ion cells. Lead batteries are significantly heavier than lithium ones. In addition, the lifespan and range performance also sit below their competition. After a few months, their energy storage capacity gradually decreases, until finally the battery dies and needs to be replaced at an extra cost.

Lithium batteries: Without a doubt the most efficient and best performing batteries today, and our personal recommendation. At Solaremobility we always recommend you use li-ion cells for your e-transport product within our catalogue. Lithium batteries have a life span of at least 4 times longer than a lead-acid battery. They might not be the cheapest option but when it comes to quality and reliability in your commutes, you must never save in quality. You will definitely get a return on your purchase.

Where to buy cheap electric bicycle kit

Solaremobility is an online store that sells hight quality electric mobility products to all European countries. If you are looking for a reliable seller of conversion kits for bicycles, we are the specialists you are looking for.

Although it is true that the cost of a kit does vary depending on the customization chosen, at Solaremobility we have the lowest prices for all possible configurations, without ever compromising on the quality of our products.

That is why we are the leading sell and distribute kits for electrifying bikes to France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Greece and all other EU countries. If you have any questions when buying or configuring your kit, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

So if you don't want to risk making a mistake when buying your electric bike kit, come to Solaremobility and join a new concept of mobility. We are here to help you.

Which electric bike kit to buy

Tire types for the kit

We have a wide selection of rims to suit the dimensions of any bike. From the most common 26" or 27.5", to folding bike calibers - the smallest is 16". If you are doubtful about your rim’s size, do not hesitate to write to us to receive more details.


Maximum speed. In compliance with applicable European regulations for electric bicycles with pedal assistance, our kits are limited to a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Damages derived from the modification of the maximum speed parameter by the user will not be covered by the kit's warranty, but we will always provide you with a solution for your problem. Therefore, in order to ensure a safe and longlasting use, it is not advisable to manipulate the kit's factory values.

NOTE: The range (km.) and top speed (km/h) data shown on this product are estimates as they depend on at least three factors:

  1. Rider's weight,
  2. Unevenness of the terrain
  3. Average driving speed

For longer range and battery life, a moderate level of assistance is recommended.