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Electric motorcycles and scooters

The world is finally taking green mobility seriously. Consequently, you will have started to see a lot of electric cars on the streets of your city while you keep hearing the media warning about climate change and how the motor industry is quickly shifting towards brand new electric models that can help reduce CO2 emissions drastically in the next few years.

Also in the world of motorcycles, there are more and more interesting choices for you to convince yourself about finally buying an electric motorcycle. Whether you are a seasoned moped user or not, you will find that the experience of travelling on a e-moped is unparalleled with any other mobility format. Get yourself into the latest mobility trend in style by purchasing an e-moped and start riding in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

And not only that, you will save money thanks to its low maintenance requirements and reduced electricity consumption (riding 100kms only costs you 50 cents of €uro). In summary, you can now travel long distances, at a smaller cost than ever before.

Types of electric motorcycles

At Solaremobility we are experts electric mobility sellers with over 10 years experience in the field, and within our product catalogue, you will find a wide range of electric motorcycles to buy from.

We have all types of electric motorcycles, from modern electric scooters for the daily commute in the city to much more classic models such as our Milano, which stands out for its classic design, combined with the latest technology in electric mobility.

A unique experience with your electric scooter

Riding an electric moped bike will allow you to enjoy the road experience and the sound of nature like never before. This is because, despite their powerful electric motors, e-scooters are totally noise-free. You can experience freedom like never before.

All our electric motorcycles can be driven by AM license-holders as young as 15 years old, or the B-type license bearers. Upon completing your purchase, you will receive your electric motorcycle at your home with its corresponding registration, approved by the technical inspection of vehicles, in addition to the documentation valid across the EU.

How much do electric motorcycles cost? / how much is electric motorcycle?

When we talk about the cost of an electric motorcycle, we have to take into account several factors. One of the most important is the environmental impact of our electric motorcycle, which is almost zero, and invaluable for the sustainability of the planet.

Continuing with the cost of our e-moped, it is thought that the utility cost of riding it for about 100Km, in terms of battery charge, is about 50 cents. That's right, we spend 50 eurocents for every 100km we ride in our electric motorcycle. So in addition to contributing to the planet sustainability, we also contribute to our pockets.

Finally, when it comes to the costs of buying an electric motorcycle, there is a very large final price range, always according to the extras we want and the type of battery that best suits our needs. At this point, as we mentioned before, we always recommend the lithium battery, ahead of the lead one.

Taking into account these aspects, the price of our electric scooter can vary between 1,500 and 3,800 euros for our classic model.

As you can see, we are talking about a fairly affordable cost, taking into account the amount of benefits derived from using an electric motorcycle as a vehicle.

How to cart electric motorbike?

To charge our electric motorcycle, you only need to plug the charger provided into the removable lithium battery. It will only take a few hours to have the lithium battery fully charged at its maximum level for any journey. Quick charging chargers are just another great advantage of electric mobility.

Researchers are currently working on improving the li-ion charging technology so that charging times are quicker and quicker. Governments are enabling more and more public charging stations to meet the demands for electric vehicles. In fact, one of the EU plans to reduce global warming, is to place many charging points for electric vehicles across Europe, thus promoting their use and purchase.

These charging points are formed by a photovoltaic panel that is responsible for generating DC electricity that is connected to and then stored in a lithium battery. This means a point of generation of clean and sustainable solar energy.

In this way, when we arrive to the charging station, first of all, we park our motorbike or electric car in the space reserved for our type of vehicle. Once parked, we will be able to freely connect to the electric recharge pole and charge our vehicle with all the guarantees. We will also do this for free. This is another advantage of moving around in an electric vehicle.

Where to buy an electric motorcycle charger?

All e-mobility vehicles purchases include a li-ion charger. In addition, at Solaremobility we always give you the option of purchasing a high-performance charger that reduces the battery charging times of our motorbikes by half.

Whether you bought your electric moped from us, or if you own another model, our fast charger for electric motorcycle batteries is perfect for keeping our scooter always ready in no time.

Why buy an electric motorcycle?

There are several factors why you should buy an electric motorcycle from us:

  • Save money: By buying an electric motorcycle, we are directly saving on fuel costs, as the electricity recharging cost of riding 100km is just 0.50 euros.
  • Eco-friendly: It is a non-polluting means of transportation in all senses. Noise-free, zero-emissions (it doesn’t release toxic gases nor smokes of any kind to the atmosphere). If you are a person concerned about the environment and sustainable development, buying an electric motorcycle is a great commitment towards a greener society.
  • Legal: Local governments are promoting the use of electric mopeds so they pay less taxes and have access to all city centers, unlike gas-powered mopeds and cars. As you may know, big cities are already starting to ban access to the town center for certain vehicles. However, with our electric vehicles we will not have any kind of restriction.
  • Tax advantages: In some countries, when you buy an electric vehicle, you can have certain tax advantages provided by your government, in order to promote electric mobility.

Operation of an electric motorcycle

The most important aspects to consider when using an electric motorcycle are the following:

  • Equipment: As with any other motorcycle, it is essential to own a helmet. We also advise you to buy a jacket with protective patches. Remember that any investment in safety is always justified.
  • Battery: Depending on the use we are going to make of our vehicle, we will need capacity size of battery or another. At Solaremobility we only use the latest generation of lithium batteries providing you with top performance rates. We will talk about them later.
  • Driving licence: A B-type licence, or AM licence is all is needed
  • Insurance: An electric motorcycle is no toy. That is why you will need an insurance, which covers public liability at the very least
  • Others: Having all the previous concepts will give us the go ahead to ride our electric scooter legally. However, it is true that we can always count on a few extras, which improve our riding experience. In the case of our scooters, we offer you options such as USB connector or rear case. These will make your experience even more enjoyable.

Where to buy my electric scooter

The decision to buy our electric scooter can’t be taken lightly. That is why it is always best to turn to a specialists seller in electric mobility. In that respect, there is no one better than Solaremobility, we have been professional seller of Fotona Mobility electric vehicles, as well as solar energy, for over 10 years.

We are pioneers in selling electric motorcycles online. Today, we do not only distribute our products all over the world but also benefit from an specialized workshop repair department. A multitude of electric scooters, skateboards, motorcycles and others pass through our facilities, which cannot be repaired in other workshops.

This is why, if you are considering the purchase of an electric scooter, or any other type of vehicle, you should always bear in mind the option of Solaremobility, one of the Europe’s leading providers of electric mobility.

Which electric scooter to buy in 2020

At Solaremobility, we have 4 models of electric mopeds to fit your lifestyle and communing needs, so you can be the envy of your friends.

  • PRAGA:With its modern and attractive design, this is an unprecedented electric scooter. It features a 1500W motor at 60V that will make you will feel all the power of this modern machine. It also has a very useful standard USB port for you to charge your smarphone. And if you prefer, you can also purchase a rear box, which will make your day-to-day rides more comfortable.
  • Las Vegas: Fantastic classic model to enjoy the road thanks to its powerful 2000W engine. In this electric motorcycle you will have the possibility to travel with a companion in a comfortable way, and to transport any items you need on its rear grill everything necessary for your trips.
  • MILANO:One of the most striking vespa style electric motorcycles you will find. This beauty has one of the most powerful engines on the market - 3000W 72V of pure electric power. If you are looking for a stylish ride, this model would surely delight any motorcycle enthusiast.
  • BERLIN:The big brother of the Praga e-scooter. Features a colored display and a powerful 72V DC motor that will make your journey more anjoyable.

Which is the best scooter or electric motorcycle?

At Solaremobility, we do not believe that there is only one electric motorcycle that is simply  the best. Instead, we think that each models has got its own market niche. You will find you perfect electric moped within our catalogue.

For example: if you are a motorcycle travel romantic, surely the Milano and its classic design, will be your choice. On the other hand, the Prague will do the trick for those that look for a more practical vehicle with a much modern look.

Lithium batteries for scooters and electric motorcycles.

One of the most important elements, if not the most important, when buying an electric motorcycle is the battery system. In this sense, within the market, there are two main options predominate when choosing.

  • Lead acid or AGM batteries:Lead acid batteries are the cheap option for powering your electric motor. But the lower price omly means initial saving as their lifespan and performance is far behind the current lithium batteries. It is possible that in just a few months, you will begin to notice a loss of autonomy. 
  • Lithium batteries: Without a doubt the most recommended option by professionals. Despite being a more expensive option, they deliver a higher performance at all levels and offer a longer durability, much more than the lead battery.

In addition, our partners Fotona Mobility are manufacturers of lithium batteries. One of the leading makers in Europe, which gives a much better performance and safety to their EVs. This is because we believe that a fundamental element in electrical mobility and self-consumption deserves equally important attention.

Fotona Mobility is a Spanish brand that makes li-ion battery packs and installs them inside all its electric mobility formats. These batteries can store energy for 4 times as long as their lead acid counterparts, without a drop in performance. Lithium battery is the perfect choice for your scooter, e-moped or any electric vehicle.

Can I ride my electric scooter on the road?

As simple as the question may seem, we like to leave all doubts solved. Even if you have any unresolved questions, don't hesitate to contact us through the different communication channels on our website: chat, contact forms, whatsapp, email, phone….

As for whether you can ride your Fotona e-moped on the roads, the answer is yes. As long as you have a valid driving license, registration and MOT then you are good to go all those national roads, cities, villages and streets.

Guarantee, delivery and return.

All our products have a 2 year warranty. This includes coverage of all manufacturing defects. This means that you only have to make sure that you get the most out of your electric moped.

We ship all over Europe. We work with a DAP shipping format and are always looking for transport partners with offices available in your country, so that delivery is in the shortest possible time.

In case of return of the product, the transport costs will always be paid by the buyer.