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1 499.00 € (tax to be det.)
The fastest electric scooter. Double 3200W (2x1600W) motor with 2 lithium battery options, according to your needs. Maximum autonomy 65km. Maximum speed 80km/h, limited to 25km/h by default. LED light front, rear and...
899.00 € (tax to be det.)
Double motor e-skateboard with high capacity 36V lithium-ion battery. Each motor is rated at 1650W which totals for a very powerful 3300W remote controlled drive. High resistance design for a safe off-road use on all...
919.00 € (tax to be det.)
The most powerful adult electric scooter on the market. Brushless motor of 2500W and 60V that reaches 70km/h without limiting but there is also the option of limiting it to 25km/h. Exclusive design with wooden deck of...
799.00 € (tax to be det.)
Two-wheel electric scooter for adults. Brushless motor of 2000W and 60V that reaches up to 60km/h but there is the option of limiting it to 25km/h. The skate has a nice wooden deck. You can choose between different...
949.00 € (tax to be det.)
Electric scooter for adults with 2000W and 60V brushless motor. Removable lithium ion battery with different capacity options available. This electric scooter with large wheels has an exclusive aerodynamic design.
969.00 € (tax to be det.)
The Spanish scooter manufacturer, Fotona Mobility, presents a high-performance electric scooter for adults, designed for the most demanding users. Among its quality features, it boasts a powerful 2500W motor with a...
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Electric Scooter for adult

Buy your electric scooter with the maximum warranty from one of the most recognized brands on the European market. Solaremobility expands its borders and now offers you electric scooters in London, Paris, Roma and the rest of the EU countries. Now you can enjoy the true electric mobility to the maximum with Solaremobility at the best online price.

Characteristics and advantages of electric scooters

  • Lightweight
  • Non-polluting. Zero-emissions.
  • Cheap, when comparing it to other gas-powered vehicles such as cars and motorbikes
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to park (with economic savings)
  • No pollution-related taxes
  • Low electricity consumption per charge
  • No noises

As you may know by now, electric scooters have revolutionized the paradigm of electric transport hence leading a mobility revolution in our cities. Today, with climate change quickly escalating into an inconvenient reality, we have a challenge ahead of us like never before.

We must solve the problem that we have created ourselves and turning into e-mobility is a very good start within reach for everyone. The aim is none other than to reduce pollution, global warming and, of course, the melting of the polar ice caps while making our town much nicer paces to live in.

We have been basing our economies on polluting energies for too long, and now we must put in place an urgent solution that will allow us to move forward as a society to a brand new era. At this point, and as far as transport is concerned electric mobility has emerged as the correct way forward if we are to safeguard the planet. Both for us and for the next generations to come

As we have been seeing in the news,there are some urban spaces in Europe that are limiting the use of petrol-based cars within the city in an attempt to avoid pollutionElectric scooters therefore represent an ecological alternative that fits perfectly with a more sustainable lifestyle.

Indeed, they have gone from being toys to being one of the main means of transport for young and old citizens within a matter of years. A clean mean of transport, easy to use and park, that prevents traffic jams and consequently makes moving around the city a quicker business.

Consumption and energy efficiency

One of the great advantages of using this type of electric transport, and which we wanted to highlight, is the savings in energy and economic consumption we benefit from when using them.

Do I save money by using an electric scooter?

The answer is yes. Absolutely. Research shows that  the utility cost of battery charging a Fotona Mobility e-skate for a 100 km range costs only 50 cents of euro. The cost comparison of refueling any other traditional vehicle is absurdly higher as you can see.

These saving become even greater if we take into account other expenses such as parking, insurance, oil changes, etc.

Types of electric scooters

The European market of scooters with electric motor is booming. While only a few years ago these electric vehicles were a rare sight, today there are many formats to choose from. Solaremobility is an e-transport store that sells Fotona Mobility skates exclusively. Available models include:

                   2000w Tigrah all-terrain electric scooter

                   2000w adult electric scooter

                   Urban electric scooter more powerful and faster, with 2500w

  • 4-wheeled scooter, or electric skateboard:

                   4x4 electric off-road skateboarding

                   Powerful electric longboard

Our partnership with the Spanish firm Fotona Mobility means we can offer a wide range of vehicles to meet our customers' needs. We have an e-scooter for each type of customer, and can guarantee a higher quality than the rest of the competition.

More powerful electric scooters

Earlier we have listed all our models by type. Next we group them by rated dc motor power as they appear available on the solaremobility online catalogue:

1. 350W scooters:

          a. Piccolo

          b. Click

2. Scooters with 450W of power:

          a. Drei

3. Electric scooter with 500W of power:

          a. Jailbreak

4. Skateboard off road with 1650W of power:

          a. Off road Turbo

5. 2000w power scooter:

          a. Tigrah

6. 2500W electric scooter:

          a. Fotona 2500W

7. 3200W electric scooter:

          a. Titan 3200W 60v

Here is a summary table with the most relevant data:


Power (W)

Voltage (V)













Off Road Turbo












As you can see, we have a great variety of engines to adapt to the needs of any user. And just as we have a multitude of motors, we have a great variety of lithium batteries to choose from in order to achieve the range distance you needs for your daily commute.

What parts does a scooter with an electric motor have?

Like any technological and electric mobility product, an e-scooter bike consists of different parts that we must know in order to gain a better understanding of how it works:

  • Chassis, normally made of iron or aluminum
  • Tyres, can be tubeless or have an inner tube. Some formats also feature hard puncture-free tyres.
  • Battery. Li-ion cells are the most common now but still some vehicles function with GEL or lead acid batteries. 
  • Electronic boards
  • Motor engine
  • Display, normally multi-function that can be either LCD or LED based.
  • Brakes, including electricity cut-off system
  • Saddle
  • Kickstand
  • Charger
  • Remote control, if applicable


At Solaremobility, we always strive to offer vehicles with robust metallic frame that guarantee an extended lifespan for it is a fundamental part of the scooter with battery. In addition to this, some off-road versions feature very resistant shock absorbers for a better driving experience.


Wheels are perhaps the hottest component for this type of product. If you are a regular user, you will know that some asian electric scooters such as xiaomi suffer greatly from punctures and accelerated wear on the outter tyres. Day by day we see how many users show us their frustration and ask us to have them repaired by our specialized technical workshop. In addition, our electric scooters are fitted with long-lasting wheels and inner tubes, and some models even benefit from solid wheels available, so you don't have to worry about punctures any more.


Another key part in the world of electric mobility are the batteries. One of the things you need to be very informed about when buying an electric mobility vehicle is the quality of the li-ion battery in your scooter electric. What kind of battery should you buy? How much distance per day will you travel? What is the lifespan of your battery?

All these questions and more must find an answer before you can proceed with your order.

At solaremobility, if there is one thing we are clear about, it is that we always go for lithium ion batteries. Lithium batteries are the ones that will you give the best performance over time. Although they are more expensive than traditional lead-acid or AGM batteries, they have proved to be much more efficient, and have a lifespan 4 times longer.

So, by buying one of our electric scooters, with a lithium battery, you are already saving the money you would have to spend after 6-8 months if using a lead battery. But not only that, all our e-scooters have multiple battery options, so that they can adapt to all your range needs. 

Electronic boards

Also very important are the electronic boards. You should know that there are manufacturers who install complicated electronic systems in their electric skates, so that when you buy their products, no third party can offer you cost-effective solution to any problems that may arise, so you depend on their pricey spare components,

At Solaremobility, we want our urban mobility formats to be as popular as possible, which is why we always work with quality inner components that can be easily replaced by any qualified technician. This way, if a technical issue appears, you can solve it easily (and for less) anywhere.

Motor Engine

DC Motors are another key component in our e-scooter that we must understand and take care of if we want to enjoy join electric mobility to the max. Regardless of any legislation against speeding that might be applicable in our city, and that may set the top speed at 25kmh, we must remember that rated motor power is not the same as speed. Indeed, a powerful engine will always deliver a better performance – especially when riding uphill – than its less powerful and cheap counterparts. Trust your Fotona Mobility skate to become your mew mean of transportation.

Having a powerful engine can have many advantages. Here are some of the benefits we can enjoy from driving powerful electric motor:

  • Easily overcoming obstacles and slopes. While other vehicles (Xiaomi etc.) get overheated and stuck, Fotona Mobility motorized scooters will give you an optimal response.
  • Longer lifespan. If we buy a low powered motor and ride our scooter with li-ion battery in a city with many slopes and ramps, it will have a shorter life. Motors suffer from overexposure to mountainous itinerary.
  • Acceleration. Very important for villages with hills, ramps or in natural environments.

Higher capacity. To be able to carry weight (bags, groceries, delivery item…) or even another person given the moment.

Display screen

All our products feature an intuitive LCD display with control buttons that shows some useful data about the electric vehicle performance (speed, odometer, timer…) and it also allows for a change of settings to adapt to the user’s requirements.

Attention: Advanced configurations such unlimiting the top speed fall at the discretion of the user of the product and may cancel all warranty on derived failures.


We mount reliable disc brake systems to ensure safe braking in emergencies. With an instantaneous response, you can immobilize the vehicle quickly regardless of the driving speed.


Some of our models include a saddle that increases the comfort in the experience of use of these vehicles.


A simple part that makes it possible for electric kickscooters to stand vertically.


This a basic item used to charge the battery. All our models come with their corresponding charger. Alternatively, if you want to decrease the charging time, you can purchase fast chargers for a better care of you lithium battery.

Remote control

Our latest models such as Titan3200 and Jailbreak500 sit at the forefront of technology. Both include a remote-controlled alarm that allows for the vehicle to be locked in the street in order to prevent theft by blocking the tyres and putting out a very noisy anti-theft alarm.

Which is the best electric scooter

As the scooter market starts to expand across Europe, we see how the number of e-scooters, with different characteristics increases year after year. When someone like you considers entering the e-mobility life, the question arises: what is the best electric scooter on the market?

At Solaremobility, we believe that there is no such thing as the best electric scooter but the perfect e-scooter for you. The explanation for this is that we select each of our models to have a big range of products with a great quality and detail, which guarantee a unique experience to our customers.

Each of the products in our catalogue is a good option for someone and covers a specific need. For example, our Piccolo with seat and basket, is perfect for the elderly who are looking for an electric scooter for adults, which allows them to move around the city, and have limited storing space in their house.

Tigräh scooter, however, has a powerful electric engine and off-road wheels. It is perfect for small towns with access to nature and rural fields. Or for cities with slopes and cobbled streets that make driving difficult. In fact, we think it is a perfect electric scooter for London or Milano. Cities that meet these characteristics.

In the case that we live in coastal cities, with long promenades. We also have electric skateboards and longboards so you can enjoy your surroundings in a fun way.

Where to buy your electric skateboard

Given the success of this range of products, it makes sense to find many sites and online patforms that sell them for a profit. Big marketplaces like Amazon, Decathlon, Worten, Carrefour and others. They have a portfolio of electric scooters. However, buying your vehicle in one of these stores has a number of disadvantages:

  • Low supply
  • No technical service
  • Limited quality
  • Low range batteries
  • They are not experts. No one to speak to about yout doubts.

When it comes from technological products, we always recommend that you buy from a specialized store. A site that inspires confidence and security, and has a technical team that can provide outstanding aftersales service that can solve all the questions that may arise.

In this sense, Solaremobility stands out as a professional seller for electric mobility products that offers 2 year warranty across the EU. In addition to an online shop for electric scooters, where you can make your purchases and resolve your doubts about them beforehand. And of course we have a wide variety of methods of payment to adapt to your needs.

Solaremobility electric scooters warranty

Of course, if you purchase one of our products, at Solaremobility we offer a 2 year guarantee. Covering all manufacturing faults in the product. This way, you can be sure that if any problem arises, we will take care of everything so that you only have to worry about enjoying your experience to the fullest.


We ship our e bike scooter to all countries within the EU and Schengen area. Deliveries are door-to-door under DAP conditions for your convenience.