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1 099.00 € (tax to be det.)
Electric racing bike with up to 115km of autonomy. Brushless 250W rear motor with removable lithium-ion battery in bottle or triangle format. 2 chainrings and 9 sprockets with Shimano Tiagra shifting system....
1 995.00 € (tax to be det.)
Electric three-wheeled bicycles are becoming a highly sought-after mobility format among professionals (delivery, factories, tourism...) but above all, among people with slight physical limitations who want to...
1 295.00 € (tax to be det.)
Three-wheeled adult tricycle with asymmetric wheels (1 x 26” / 2 x 20”). Features Shimano 6-speed gear shifts and combined braking system: front V-brake and dual rear disc brakes. The TRIKE three-wheel bicycle comes...
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Help the environment with our Electric Bicycles

You may be a bike enthusiast in search of a quality entry into e-mobility, or you may just be an environmentally conscious person who’s looking for new ways to commute to work in a zero-carbon mean of transportation.

In either case, you will find an electric bicycle, or hybrid bicycle, to be a great solution for getting around on a day-to-day basis. A cheap option that is also respectful to the environment. At Solaremobility we have been the European specialists in electric mobility for over 10 years, and we pride ourselves of always offering the best solution to meet our clients' needs.

Why buy an electric bicycle?

There are many advantages to buying an electric bicycle, but we will only mention a few of them to help you make up your mind:

  1. License-free: Unlike with other type of vehicles, you do not need to hold any kind of driving license nor insurance to use an electric bicycle, which leads to big money savings.
  2. Your own lane to ride: As you can see, in most European cities there are already many bicycle lanes in place where you can ride along comfortably and in a safe manner.
  3. Avoid restrictions: In line with the previous point, there are more and more restriction areas for gas-based vehicles in most major cities, while electric mobility vehicles, such as electric scooters, hybrid bicycles and others are given all types of benefits to be the new standard of transportation.
  4. Zero emission vehicle: Being exclusively electric, you will not release CO2 emissions which is one of the main problems in dealing with climate change.
  5. Tax free: You won't pay registration fees, road tax, MOT, or the taxes associated with fuel...
  6. Cheap battery charges: One of the collateral expenses you will have apart from the purchase of your e-bicycle is to charge the battery. This cost will only be about 6 cents of Euro each time you charge your battery (depending on the size of the battery, this cost may vary).
  7. Saving time: For us, this is one of the most important aspect to take into account. Whether you live in a big city or small town, you will always save time, as you will be able to move around quickly and easily. No more waiting in traffic jams or on public transport.
  8. Easy parking: Especially in cities, if you have to take the car or a motorcycle, you know that parking is not easy. In the case of electric bikes, you can park them almost anywhere without penalty. In addition, our removable lithium batteries can be taken away with you and charge them while you are at work or similar.
  9. Exercise: This may not be the main reason for your purchase. However, you will be able to do more or less physical effort depending on the intensity of your pedalling aid configuration. You will be in better shape than if you were to ride in a car or motorbike, that is guaranteed.
  10. Configurable electric bicycles: One of the advantages that we also offer at Solaremobility it is to configure the lithium battery according to the range preferences you have. This will positively influence the final price, or the number of kilometres you will be able to ride.

Additional advantages are avoiding traffic jams and general waiting times to get to your destination when you catch public transport. 

Pedaling calmly along the bike path available for your electric road bike or any other model, will make you enjoy and move around in a more relaxed way. In short, you will gain in quality of life.

Electric road bike

For the moment, it seems that everything we have discussed only affects urban electric bicycles or electric bicycles for riding. However, there are different types of hybrid bikes with which you can enjoy a pleasant pedaling experience while performing a small physical exercise.

One of them is the electric road bike. Although it is true that all cycling fans are competitors who are passionate about challenges, it is also true that nowadays it is difficult to find time to be in top form and ready for the most demanding itineraries.

Besides, it is well known that most amateur cyclists go out riding with other colleagues, and it is possible that the riding pace of each of them may vary, which leads to the groups breaking up. This is where the electric road bike plays a fundamental role.

This type of electric sports bike will bring you many advantages when it comes to riding.

You will always be able to keep up with your fastest colleagues' pace. Whether you are in poor shape, or if you just want to enjoy a less demanding on a ride with your colleagues, you will be able to regulate the level of assisted pedaling you want from your hybrid road bike.

How an electric bike works?.

One of the fundamental characteristics of an electric bicycle is its pedal assistance system (PAS), and this is what makes it different to an electric motorcycle. The purpose of an electric bike is to support the pedaling.

With this in mind, you will benefit from up to 5 levels of pedal assistance, in which you will feel a great support from the motor. In this way, depending on the state of form you are in, or the route you are going to take, you can always adapt the level of assistance from you ebike’s hub motor. This is especially important on electric mountain bikes.

Electric mountain bikes.

Without a doubt, electric mtb of the most popular types of electric vehicles in recent years. As we know, typical mtb routes are generally very physically demanding due to the presence of obstacles, slopes, descents, cobbled terrain and other difficulties.

This is where an electric mtb bike can bring us many benefits when it comes to enjoying a unique riding experience.

The powerful 250W electric motor of our electric mountain bikes, together with the PAS system that is controlled from the LCD display screen that is located on the handlebar, will allow you to adapt the level of assistance needed at any given moment.

This will allow you to climb steep slopes with ease so that you can enjoy the mountain experience with our electric mtb bike to the full.

At this point, you may find everything we tell you interesting, and yet you still wonder.

What part does an electric bike have?

Don't worry, we are here to tell you in technical detail of the electric bike we sell. You'll see that it's really simple.

To begin with, you must understand the additional components that make up an electric bicycle:

  • Motor: We mount a brushless hub motor that provides optimal performance.Motors can be installed on either wheel.
  • PAS Sensor: Placed on the pedal, and in charge of informing the motor when it has to switch itself on.
  • Display screen: It is like an on-board computer. It allows configuring the electrical parameters of the ebike, and it also shows information of battery charge level, assistance level and kilometers among others functions.
  • Lithium battery: One of the fundamental elements. We are one of the main manufacturers of lithium batteries in Europe and we can easily adapt to the level of demand in terms of range that our customers need.
  • Connectors and cables: Fully adapted and water-proof to withstand all types of weather.
  • Electric brake sensor: Important to guarantee a safe braking without harming the motor.

What is the best electric bike for me?

If you are thinking about buying an electric bike, this question must have crossed your mind. And while here is no definitive answer, we will guide you through some important considerations so that you can make the best decision for you.

What we do know for sure is that whatever electric bike you choose, it has to cover the following needs:

  • Range distance: Based on the general use you're going to give it, you'll have to look for different levels of range. The following factors also come into play here:
  1. Size of the rider: Range may vary according to the height and weight of the e-bike cyclist. The heavier the ruder, the shorter the distance will be.
  2. Assistance level set up: You must take into account that if you use the highest level of assistance, you will also be using up the battery quicker.
  • Type of use: Practically the decision about what electric bicycle to buy is reduced to answering this question. We need to be clear about the use we are going to give it. Do we want an urban e-bike for our daily journeys? Or do we prefer a road bike with extra pedaling support? Or, on the contrary, are we mountain bike enthusiasts and we are looking for a new way to enjoy this sport with half the physical effort?.
  • Technical service: Another fundamental point that is not normally taken into account when buying an e-bike is that we must buy a bike with a quality electric system. In this sense, it is important to acquire a reliable product that gives us security in the case of having any problem. We think it is so important to develop it later on, so do not miss it.

If you are clear about what you expect from each of the above points, you will be in a better position to make a right decision about which is the best electric bike to buy.  And if you still have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact our specialist sales team that will solve all your doubts.

Electric bicycle technical service.

We wanted to develop this point, since it is one of the most unknown parts by customers when buying an electric bike.

If we are considering acquiring this electric mobility vehicle, we have to be aware that it requires maintenance over time. Yes, it may not be as expensive as a car, or a motorcycle, but it will not be exempt from going through checkouts from time to time.

One of the clearest examples comes from the lithium battery that is responsible for storing the energy that your electric bicycle will later use. Although these batteries are the most efficient on the market today, they all have a life cycle and will have to be replaced in time.

This is one of the points where the big brands of electric bicycles normally get abusive with the replacement battery prices. The lithium battery of electric bikes are made of a li-ion battery packs and BMS, ant it is this BMS electronics what big brands modify in order to prevent users to find replacements from different providers at a lower price. As a consequence you can end up paying you’re your replacement battery the same price you’d pay for one of our brand new electric bikes… crazy!

Not to mention how expensive bikes from big brands like BH, Bosch and others are. And they do not offer any electric advantages that would justify paying such an amount of money. To make it clearer, we will make a comparison.

Electric Bike price


























Mechanical: We refer to the possibility that any person or electric bike mechanic is able to replace a litihum battery with a new one.

As you can see, there is more than 1,000 euros price difference between a Fotona Mobility product and the next model of electric mountain bike that we have analyzed.

With regard to the lithium battery, we want to clarify a technical aspect with which you must become familiar if you want to enter the world of electric mobility. To measure the capacity of the batteries, the unit of measure that really counts is the Watt Hour (Wh), that is to say WH=V*Ah. The more Wh, the higher range we can achieve with our battery and the more more kilometres we can travel.

If we go back to the table, we can see how, despite being 4,340 Euros cheaper than the most expensive model (and a priori the best), our electric mtb has more than 191WH of battery, so it will make longer distances than the rest of the electric bikes we show you.

One of the questions that our customers ask us the most is the following

Okay, I buy my Fotona Mobility bike, and then what?

At Solaremobility, we make guaranteed shipments to all of Europe, and as we told you before, the mechanics of our bikes are completely open and simple, so that your trusted workshop does not have any problems when it comes to managing any step by workshop. In addition, we have a specialized team that is constantly renewing itself to offer the best service and solve all the doubts that may arise.

Finally, we have a 2 year warranty (most competitors only give 1) for any manufacturing defects that may arise.