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1000W 48V Powerful Electric Bike Kit


Good value 48V electric bicycle conversion kit designed to easily adapt to any high performance Mountain Bike. It features a 1000W brushless motor which is powered by a choice of 48V 12,8Ah li-ion battery cases (frog and bottle –types). Speed is limited to 45km/h by default. E-Kit not suitable for use on public roads.

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If you're a fan of intense emotions, this powerful electric kit for MTB will fascinate you. The Spanish brand Fotona Mobility has adapted one of the most powerful brushless motors on the market (more powerful than most scooters and mopeds) for the world of mountain bikes. Intended for exclusive use on natural or closed tracks. With this kit, no slope will be too challenging for you.

1x Rear hub motor with a nominal power of 1000W, limited to 45 km/h. The motor is located in the rear wheel and is attached to a compatible rim for your bike. 

motor bicicleta electrica 1000W

1x Lithium-ion battery electric kit: 48V lithium-ion battery. Each battery is custom-made to ensure optimal performance. You can choose from various battery formats and capacities (Wh) based on your bike's morphology and your autonomy needs. Bottle-style battery and box-style battery.

Bottle:bateria-botelin-bici.jpg       Frog baterias-kit-imegenes-componentes.jpg

This ebike conversion kit allows you to choose between 2 battery formats based on the type of bicycle frame you're motorizing. Both models are removable and can be charged outside the bike if necessary.

The most powerful electric kit from Fotona Mobility.

1x 30A FOC (Field Oriented Control) Controller:

This high-end controller offers several advantages over square wave/modified wave controllers that are sold with other kits or electric bikes, including: 1) Less noise and heating, 2) Better control of the assistance level, making it more progressive and protecting the motor, 3) Higher efficiency on inclines at low assistance levels. In kits with rack or box-type batteries, the controller is located in the battery's base, which is fixed to the frame. In kits with bottle-style or triangle batteries, the controller is placed in a PVC box with clamps that attaches to your bike's frame. 

controladora para kits electrico 1000W

1x Electric Bicycle Display: Two display options to choose from:

Option 1) LCD OMT-M3. You have the choice to acquire it with or without LED spotlight.

The LCD display functions as a control unit that encompasses various kit management options:

  • Assistance level. There are 3 levels.
  • Speed in km/h
  • Total distance traveled
  • Partial distance traveled
  • Battery charge level

Option 2) LCD CENTRAL S830 comes with integrated USB and as an option you can purchase it with or without spotlight. 

  • Level of assistance. There are 3 levels.
  • Speed in km/h
  • Total distance travelled
  • Partial distance travelled
  • Battery charge level
  • Average speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Voltage
  • Battery percentage
  • USB for mobile phone charging
  • Fault indicator icon

Furthermore, both models offer the option to include a front LED light - which is controlled from the display itself - to complement the capabilities of your kit.

1x Bicycle wheel with motor: Made of chromed aluminum, you can choose the wheel with a motor from the drop-down menu. To do this, you need to know the size of your wheel. If you are unsure, you can consult the wheel equivalence table.

1 x PAS Sensor (Pedal Assist Sensor): The purpose of this component is to activate the motor assistance when pedaling. Choose from 3 available models according to the type of bottom bracket axis on your bike. (*)



P     (*) How to know which type of PAS sensor I should select for my bicycle


       1 x Brake Sensor with Electric Cut-off: This component ensures that every time you engage the brakes on your bike, the electric supply to the motor is immediately cut off, preventing any damage. Choose from 2 formats according to your bicycle's braking system. (**)


       (**) How to know which brake sensor to select for my bicycle?


-         1 x 1T4 Tree-type Cable: Connects the different components of the kit.

cable tipo arbol

-        1 x Motor Extension Cable.


-         1 x 42V 2A Lithium Battery Charger


-          1 Threaded freewheel sprocket (Optional): In the case of having chosen a kit with a rear wheel hub motor, and if your original bicycle does not have threaded freewheel sprockets, you will need to adapt compatible sprockets, which you can acquire along with your conversion kit


-         1 x Optional Light (Optional): You can add it to your purchase when choosing the display model.


-          1 x Assembly Manual

All components come with waterproof connectors of different colors to facilitate assembly and prevent connections from being damaged by rain.

Weight: 5 kg

Estimated lifespan of lithium-ion battery: 3-4 years

Electric Bike Kit Warranty

Maximum speed. Our kits are limited to a maximum speed of 45 km/h. Breakdowns resulting from user modification of the maximum speed parameter will not be covered by the kit's warranties. Therefore, in order to ensure safe use, manipulation of the factory kit values is discouraged.

Type of use. This kit is suitable for journeys with steep inclines, such as mountain passes, as long as you do not exceed level 2 assistance. Breakdowns resulting from motor overexertion will not be covered by the product warranty.

Battery autonomy. Fotona Mobility guarantees that the technical data of the battery (Voltage, Ah, Wh) displayed in this product sheet are accurate and offers a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects in Spain. The autonomy data (km) provided for each battery option are estimations based on moderate use and our own experience, as they depend on at least three factors: 1) User's weight, 2) terrain incline, and especially 3) the selected level of assistance. For extended battery autonomy and lifespan, it is recommended to use a moderate assistance level and to charge the battery after each use.

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