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Electric Mountain Bike Kit 250W 36V


All-included electric kit for mountain bikes. It features a top quality CE-approved 250W Fotona Mobility brushless motor that can be installed in the rear or front wheel. The e-kit is available with a choice of 2 battery formats (bottle and frog types) and several Wh capacities. It includes an advanced Digital display with 3 PAS assistance levels.

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Quality e-Kit for MTB 250W 36V

This good value electric bike conversion kit is specifically designed to adapt to your mountain bike, regardless of the type of frame you may have thanks to its choice of 18650 li-ion cases. The system includes all the element you would expect from a high performance electric bike. In fact, the added cost of the kit plus the installation (unless you set it up yourself on you bike) represents a saving of up to 80% compared to the cost of a brand new e-bike.

Bike electric kit high torque motor:

The 36V 250W Fotona Mobility hub motor is crimped to the rear wheel and ensures the optimal thrust you will need at any stage of your ride. It is very resistant and compact and, over the last 10 years it has improved its mechanics to become the preferred option for hundreds of riders in the long urban journeys or forest track rides. No maintenance is requires. Waterproof connectors.

Ebike lithium battery for your mountain bicycle:

You can select the capacity option that better suits your range needs: 36V 9.6Ah, 36V 12.8Ah, 36V 16Ah or 36V 19.2Ah. The battery is manufactured in Spain by Fotona Mobility and, aside from its 2-year warranty across the EU, it is hardly comparable to batteries offered as part of other kits, or even electric bikes of reputable brands. In order to ensure a perfect fit with the various bike frames available in the market, the user can now choose between a "bottle" battery format or, if the inner frame space does not allow it, a "frog" battery trype which is fixed behind the seat post will do the trick. Whatever your MTB, this excellent value conversion kit is for you.

Motorized rim:

Our choice of rims range from 20” to 29” and are manufactured in chromed aluminium. In order to ensure we have a perfect kit for our customer, we can offer all the rim sizes available in the market. It is also possible to purchase compatible sprockets from the selector on the page.

Multifunction LCD display:

The digital display features an inner lighting and works like an on-board computer that offers several kit management options:

  • 3 Assistance level selection
  • Speed in km/h
  • Total distance travelled
  • Partial distance travelled
  • Battery charge level

Additional components include in the e-bike kit

  • Electrically cut-off brake system
  • Pedal-assisted sensor (PAS)
  • 36V Lithium Charger

Weight: 5 kg

Estimated battery life Lithium-Ion: 3-4 years

Warranty Limitations: 

Maximum speed. In compliance with applicable European regulations for electric bicycles with pedal assistance, our kits are limited to a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Breakdowns resulting from the user's modification of the maximum speed parameter will not be covered by the kit's warranties, therefore, in order to ensure safe use, we strongly discourage manipulation of the kit's default values.

NOTE: The range (km) and maximum speed (km/h) data in this product are estimates because they depend on at least three factors:

  • Weight of the pilot
  • Uneveness of the itinerary
  • Average driving speed

For longer battery life and autonomy, a moderate driving speed is recommended.

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