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Electric Road Bike


Electric racing bike with up to 115km of autonomy. Brushless 250W rear motor with removable lithium-ion battery in bottle or triangle format. 2 chainrings and 9 sprockets with Shimano Tiagra shifting system. Multifunction LCD screen. Accelerator. Chrome-plated aluminium frame. Size M.

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Electric mobility has landed on the road bike with this great battery powered bike with all the features we can expect from a top level e-bike. The Spanish firm Fotona Mobility proposes this brilliant electric road bike specifically for leisure cycling enthusiasts who want to be able to tackle more demanding routes, at a fraction of the effort.

The bike incorporates a 250W brushless motor located in the 27.5" rear wheel and a 36V controller. On the inside of the aluminium frame is the bottle-type battery with a capacity of up to 36V 19.2Ah (691Wh). Alternatively, we can achieve a greater autonomy of 36V 32Ah (1,152Wh) if we choose to locate the battery - triangle format - in the upper corner of the frame, and thus preserve the bottle holder in its original location.

The frame is made of bright red chrome-plated aluminium with an 18-speed Shimano Tiagra gearbox. PROMAX power. INNOVA 700 X 22c wheels.

The lithium-ion battery is removable, which allows the battery to be recharged outside the bike, and has a key lock system. It admits 4 configurations of capacity in 36V (9.6Ah / 12.8Ah / 16Ah / 19.2Ah) that can give you a range of up to 70km in electric mode. For more advanced users, the triangle format can reach 115km of autonomy. The engine is activated by a magnetic pedal-assist sensor (PAS) without direct contact between the transmitter and receiver. In addition, the handlebars have a digital display that works as an on-board computer, allowing you to switch between 5 levels of assistance and indicating the battery status, as well as the odometer and driving speed. It incorporates a thumb throttle that allows you to activate the engine without pedaling.

In short, this is a bike with an electric motor, ideal for cyclists up to 182cm tall. Perfect for road cycling and leisure outings on the road.

Mechanical features

  • Picture material: Aluminium
  • Fork: 700C Road Bike
  • Handlebar: Aluminium
  • Handlebar stem: PROMAX
  • Saddle: Vader
  • Pedals: aluminium FP-971
  • Seat post: Aluminium BPro
  • Handles: Shimano ST-4500-TL
  • Shift lever: Shimano ST-4500-TL
  • Gearbox: Shimano RD-4500-SS, 18-speed
  • Diverter: Shimano FD-4500
  • Rims: Aluminium 27.5".
  • Covers: IA-2304 700x22C
  • Brakes: aluminum Lekkie RC4632

Electrical Characteristics

  • 250Wen brushless motor in aluminium rear wheel
  • 36V lithium-ion battery: Bottle format (9.6Ah / 12.8Ah / 16Ah / 19.2Ah)
  • Triangle Format 32Ah
  • Display Multi-function digital display:
  1. Battery charge level
  2. Attendance level. There are 5 levels.
  3. Speed in km/h
  4. Total distance travelled
  5. Partial distance travelled
  • Brake levers with electrical cut-off.
  • Multi-function controller.
  • PAS pedal-assist sensor
  • Trigger accelerator
  • 36V lithium charger

NOTE: Range (km) and maximum speed (km/h) data in this product are estimates as they depend on at least three factors: 

  1. Weight of the pilot
  2. Unevenness of the terrain
  3. The average driving speed

For longer autonomy and battery life, a moderate driving speed is recommended. 

See our FAQ section for additional information on our electric mobility products and lithium batteries.

Warranty: Bicycle 2 years | Battery 1 year

Weight: 18 kg

Warranty: 2 years

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