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Electric Scooter Skate Piccolo 350W


Electric scooter with seat to move comfortably through the city. The PICCOLO scooter has the same features as the scooters you see on the road: 350W brushless motor operating at 36V and reaching 25Kmh but with the advantage of being seated. It also comes with a rear basket to carry what you need. If you're worried about running out of autonomy, we offer different sizes of lithium-ion battery with which you can travel up to 77Km.

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Electric Scooter 350W

The Fotona Mobility PICCOLO electric skateboard combines the agility and lightness of urban skates (only 14kg!), with the comfort and safety of top-of-the-range electric skates thanks to its padded seat, with adjustable height, and its rear basket. For better portability, the handlebars fold backwards.

Available in 2 colours (red and black), it has a reinforced aluminium chassis that can support up to 120 kg; the measurements are 122*59*95cm perfect for running errands or making daily journeys. It has front LED light and rear refractant for safe driving at night or in rainy conditions. The 12" pneumatic tires are perfect for driving on asphalt and have an advanced disc brake system.


The 350W hub motor does not have a chain or transmission belt, thus avoiding the incidences caused by the wear and tear of these components.

It can reach 25km/h and climb slopes of up to 20º inclination.

The battery, manufactured with 18650 lithium cells, is located under the non-slip deck and has a capacity of up to 806Wh which gives it an autonomy of up to 77 kilometers.

12-inch wheel

Includes battery charger.


The PICCOLO model is available with three battery options:

  • 36V lithium battery 9.6Ah (346Wh) - up to 33 Km
  • 36V 16Ah (576Wh) lithium battery - up to 55 Km
  • 36V lithium battery 22.4Ah (806Wh) - up to 77 Km

NOTE: The data on range (km) and maximum speed (km/h) in this product are estimates because they depend on at least three factors:

  1. Pilot weight
  2. Unevenness of the terrain
  3. Average driving speed

For longer range and battery life, moderate driving speed is recommended.


  • Engine: 350W 36V rear hub wheel. Brushless
  • Counter: 36V 13A
  • Housing: Chrome-plated aluminium. Red or matt black.
  • Light: LED front.
  • Wheels: Pneumatic. 57/203 (12 1/2 x 2 1/4)
  • Brakes: Disc. With electric cut.
  • Deck: Aluminium-based sandpaper.
  • Handlebars: Chrome-plated aluminium.
  • Seat and seat post: Extendable seat post. Padded saddle.
  • Charger: Input AC100-240VAC Output DC 42V-2.0A
  • Dimensions: assembled 130 x 49 x 94 cm - packed 119 x 29 x 60 cm
Product Details

Data sheet

350W 36V Hub rear wheel. Brushless
Battery (To choose):
-Lithium-Ion 36V 9.6Ah (up to 33 km.) / Lithium-Ion 36V 16h (up to 55 km.) / Lithium-Ion 36V 22.4Ah (up to 77 km.)
36V 13A
Chromed aluminium. Red or matt black.
LED front. Display Multifunction LCD. Battery charge indicator | Odometer | Attendance level (3) | Speedometer km/h
Pneumatic. 57/203 (12 1/2 x 2 1/4)
Disc. With electric cut.
Sandpaper on aluminium base.
Chromed aluminium.
Seat and seatpost:
Extendable seatpost. Padded saddle.
Input AC100-240VAC Output DC 42V-2,0A
Mounted 130 x 49 x 94 cm - Packed 119 x 29 x 60 cm