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Electric MOPED 3000W 72V Fotona Mobility MILANO


Electric motorbike Vespa-type 50cc. Powerful 3000W Hub motor maximum power. Removable 72V lithium battery manufactured in Spain with 3 capacity (Wh) options. Range up to 175Km. Multifunction digital display. Available in 2 colours.

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Classic Electric Vespa style 3000W

Now you can enjoy a unique Dolce Vita riding experience thanks to the e-moped Milano. Manufactured by Spanish maker Fotona Mobility, the new classic electric motorcycle MILANO combines the best e-mobility features with a stylish format favored by the most demanding users.

If you are a classic motorcycle enthusiast and also are environmentally conscious person, there is no doubt that this e-motorcycle will exceed you wildest expectations.

Classic electric scooter

Milano benefits from a careful design and quality vintage details, as well as the latest technology advances in electric mobility. Without a doubt e-moped MILANO model is destined to become major player in the electric motorcycle market.

Indeed, this beautiful Vespa motorcycle electric model will allow you to move like a fish in the water in all types of urban environments. You will be able to use it in your daily life for it has all advantages of a conventional motorbike (ease of parking and agility when travelling) as well as a the best benefit from electric vehicle such as low-cost recharges, silent driving, emissions-free, low maintenance costs… Your commutes will never be the same.

You can also use it in your free time for leisure, enjoying peaceful rides on your electric classic bike like never before. Yes, let le MILANO take you to the next level of comfort you have never experienced before thanks to its powerful silent engine that will let you capture all the sounds of nature during your rides.

The superb electric motorcycle with removable battery Fotona Mobility Milano allows you to enter the world of sustainable urban mobility like no other. It is one of the most striking mopeds (L1e vehicles) thanks to its vintage look but above all, thanks to its overflowing thrusts to overcome slopes - 3000W peak power.

The Spanish firm Fotona Mobility manufactures its own lithium-ion batteries, so it offers the Milano electric scooter with 3 lithium battery options to perfectly meet the needs of each user that can be recharged outside the vehicle. This is very useful for those who do not have a plug in their garage.

  • Lithium Ion 72V 28.8Ah (2074Wh) – up to 70 km
  • Lithium Ion 72V 48Ah (3456Wh) – up to 115 km
  • Lithium Ion 72V 70.4Ah (5069Wh) – up to 175 km

It is therefore one of the electric motorcycles with the highest range on the market. In terms of details, the Milano e-scooter has a digital display on the dashboard, a brown leatherette seat with storage space underneath, energy-saving LED lights and the possibility of adding a rear box.

Another benefit is that you don't need a motorcycle license to drive this model, in fact holding an AM license (which you can obtain from the age of 15) or a B license would be sufficient. From the first day, you will benefit from drastic savings derived from zero-petrol consumption and low maintenance. Moreover, for your peace of mind, you will receive it already registered in your name. It includes charger.

Available colours: Metallic Grey and Glossy Pastel Blue


  • 72V 2200W electric motor (3000W peak), maintenance free.
  • Maximum speed. 45 km/h
  • Maximum load. 150kg
  • Brakes. front disc brake and rear drum brake
  • Fork. Hydraulics
  • Roll over. 3.5-10" inches. Aluminum rim.
  • Dimensions. 188x65x112 cm
  • Weight. 130 kg


Electric starter with accelerator located on the right side of the handlebar.

Applicable regulations

Moped L1e - Vehicle up to 49cc. or 4kw.


  • Ecological: it helps to preserve the environment. No emission of pollutants. Total soundproofing, no noise pollution.
  • Economic: maintenance of 100 km for less than one euro.
  • Easy to drive. Even without previous experience.
  • Smooth, safe and very comfortable.



Weight: 130 kg

Warranty: 2 years

MOTORCYCLE REGISTRATION PROCESS: All the mopeds we sell are brand new; we do not have second hand vehicles. In order to speed up the registration process in the name of each client, all the mopeds are initially registered in the name of our company (OLITE SOLAR XII SL) which transfers the registration of the vehicle to the name of each buyer when the sale is formalised.

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