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Handbike Practical Electric Kit


Great electric handbike conversion kit for 16" and 20" wheels. Includes 36V bottle-type battery with 4 capacity options: 9.6Ah, 12.8Ah, 16Ah y 19,2Ah. 250W burshless motor and multifunction LCD display with 3 levels of assistance.

Operates in pedal assist mode manual or accelerator mode indistinctly.

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Hanbike Electric Kit

If you have a manually pedaled handbike that you want to electrify, you should select the 'compatible threaded/pinion motor' option. However, if you are a user of an electric handbike with a throttle – without manual pedaling – and you want to replace the electric system with ours, you should choose the 'motor without gears' option to ensure a perfect compatibility.

Transform your manual Batec into a high-performance electric handbike... for a fraction of the cost!

We offer a motor kit for handbikes that allows you to convert them into electric ones with a range of up to 47 km. Moreover, as part of this unique service in Spain designed for users with reduced mobility, we offer you the option to have your Batec collected from your home and returned to you already converted into an electric version in just a few days. Without leaving your home!

Our Batec conversion kit includes all the necessary components to give your handbike the same features as any electric Batec... and for up to one-third of the cost!

Electric Kit Component for Batec

1x Brushless Motor from the kit: Hub motor with a nominal power of 250W and limited to 25 km/h in compliance with current EU regulations. The motor can be placed in the front or rear wheel and is mounted on a rim compatible with your bike. Kits for handbikes and tricycles only offer the front hub motor option.

1x Lithium-Ion Electric Kit Battery: 36V Lithium-Ion Battery. Each battery is made to order to ensure optimal performance. You can choose from various battery formats and capacities (Wh) based on your cycle's morphology and autonomy needs. For grid batteries, the rack option can only be selected for 26-inch bicycles. For 16 and 20-inch folding bikes, the battery is shipped without a rack.

The electric bike kit is available with two types of batteries:

Batería botellín: kit paa handbike manual


1X 15A FOC (Field Oriented Control) Controller: This high-end controller offers several advantages over square/modified wave controllers marketed with other kits or electric bikes, including: 1) Less noise and heat generation, 2) Better control of the assistance level, making it more progressive and protecting the motor. 3) Greater efficiency on uphill slopes at low assistance levels. In kits with grid or box-type batteries, the controller is located in the battery's own base, which is attached to the frame. In kits with bottle or triangle-type batteries, the controller is housed in a PVC box with clamps that is attached to your bike's frame.


1x Electric Bike Display:

Two display options to choose from:

Option 1) LCD OMT-M3. You have the option to purchase it with or without a built-in LED light.

The LCD display functions as a central unit that offers various kit management options:

  • Assistance level. There are 3 levels.
  • Speed in km/h
  • Total distance traveled
  • Partial distance traveled
  • Battery charge level

Option 2) LCD CENTRAL S830 comes with an integrated USB and the option to purchase it with or without a built-in LED light.

  • Assistance level. There are 3 levels.
  • Speed in km/h
  • Total distance traveled
  • Partial distance traveled
  • Battery charge level
  • Average speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Voltage
  • Battery percentage
  • USB for mobile charging
  • Fault indicator through icons.

1x Bicycle Wheel with Motor: Made of chromed aluminum, choose the motorized wheel from the dropdown menu. To do this, you need to know the size of your wheel. If you're unsure, you can check the wheel equivalence chart.

llanta con motor 2250W

1 x PAS (Pedal Assist Sensor): The purpose of this component is to activate motor assistance while pedaling. Choose from 3 available models based on your cycle's bottom bracket type. (*)

         sensor pas bici eje huecosensor cuadrillo simpleeasy pas para kit bici


P       (* How do I know which PAS sensor to choose for my bicycle?

          como seleccionar tipo senso pas kit electrico      

      1 x Brake Sensor with Electric Cut-off: This component ensures that every time you use your bike's brake levers, the electric supply to the motor is immediately cut off, preventing damage. Choose from 2 formats based on your bike's braking system. (**)

        Frenos Simples:     Frenos hidráulicos e integrado:frenos-hidraulicos.jpg

       (**) How do I know which brake sensor to choose for my bicycle?

            kit electrico sensor de freno

-         1 x 1T4-Type Tree Cable: Connects the different kit components.

cable tipo arbol

       1 x Motor Extension Cable. 


-         1 x 42V 2A Battery Charger for lithium-ion.


-         1 x Freewheel-Type Threaded Pinions (Optional): In the case of choosing a rear-wheel hub motor kit, and if your original bike doesn't have threaded pinions, you'll need to adapt compatible pinions, which you can purchase along with your conversion kit. 


-         1 x Optional Light (Optional): You can add it to your purchase when choosing the display model. 


1 x Assembly Manual.

All components come with waterproof connectors of various colors to facilitate assembly and prevent connections from being damaged by rain.

Weight: 5 kg

Estimated lifespan of lithium-ion battery: 3-4 years

Electric Kit Warranty:

Maximum speed. In compliance with applicable European regulations for electric bicycles with pedal assistance, our kits are limited to a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Failures resulting from modifying the maximum speed parameter by the user won't be covered by the kit warranty; thus, manipulating the kit's factory values is discouraged to ensure safe use.

Type of use. This kit isn't suitable for extensive use in areas with significant gradients like mountain passes and slopes over 300 meters. Failures arising from this kind of usage won't be covered by the product warranty. On moderate urban slopes and inclines, it's recommended not to exceed assistance level 2 and complement motor kit use with appropriate pedaling effort to avoid straining the motor at all times.

Battery autonomy. Fotona Mobility guarantees that the technical data of the battery (Voltage, Ah, Wh) displayed on this product sheet are accurate and offers a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects in Spain. Autonomy data (km) listed for each battery option are estimates based on moderate use and our own experience, as they depend on at least three factors: 1) User weight, 2) Terrain gradient, and especially 3) the selected assistance level. For increased battery autonomy and lifespan, it's recommended to use a moderate assistance level and recharge the battery after each use."

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