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224.00 € (tax to be det.)
Lithium-ion batteries with built-in BMS for electric vehicles with reduced mobility. Design your custom lithium-ion battery pack customize according to your vehicle's voltage (V) and desired capacity (Ah). Li-ion...
265.00 € (tax to be det.)
Lithium ion battery pack with built-in BMS for conversion of electric motorcycles to Lithium-Ion.  Allows configuration according to voltage (V) of your electric moped and desired capacity (Ah). Batteries designed and...
265.00 € (tax to be det.)
Lithium-ion battery with built-in BMS for the conversion of electric scooters. It can be customized according to the voltage (V) of each vehicle and capacity (Ah). These packs are compatible with all makes or models...
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Buy lithium batteries.

When buying or renewing your lithium battery, one of the most important things is the reliability of the manufacturer.

This is what will determine the duration of your battery. Surely if you have reached this point, it is because your scooter or any of the batteries in your electric vehicle are failing. Maybe it's been a long time coming, or maybe it's broken down sooner than you expected.

At Solaremobility, as experts in electric mobility, our experience has shown us that an element as important as the battery must be of the best possible quality. That's why our experts manufacture them personally in our specialised European headquarters.

Why buy lithium batteries from Solaremobility?

This is why we always recommend our lithium batteries, which guarantee a longer life than those of the competition.

In addition, we adapt to the requirements of our clients, creating the batteries in a personalised way, and sending them to your home in the shortest possible time.

If you are thinking of buying or changing your old battery, do not hesitate to contact our experts, we will bring any electric vehicle back to life.

In this sense, rechargeable lithium batteries are the widest used technology as it offers excellent technical characteristics in comparison with other types of rechargeable batteries on the market such as GEL or AGM batteries. Li-ion cells benefit from an excellent useful life and a very efficient charging capacity. Furthermore, they do not require maintenance and do not release co2 emissions, so they can be installed inside your EV that you can charge in your home without any problem.

Lithium batteries operation

Lithium-ion batteries, also called "Li-Ion" or "Lithium" dry cell batteries, use lithium salts as their electrolyte to release electrons through chemical reactions that store energy. The damage caused by the heat and its sensitivity to extreme temperatures entails a level of risk of explosion of the lithium battery, therefore all manufacturers keep developing sophisticated protection and safety systems to meet the EU safety directives.

Electric vehicle batteries

It is increasingly common to see Li-Ion and LiPo (lithium polymer) batteries in e-bicycles, motorcycles, RC cars and all types of electric vehicles today. The arrival of lithium batteries in the energy sector both in the industrial and domestic fields, has meant a new paradigm in the way the public understands the use of energy in our homes is expected.

At Solaremobility we offer you the most advanced lithium batteries for your electric vehicle or bike that you will find in the market. Prepared to offer the best performance in electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric scooters or any other type of electric mobility vehicle.

We manufacture batteries for a wide variety of electric vehicles:

And many more. We are one of Europe's leading lithium battery manufacturers. We adapt perfectly to the capacity and range needs of each client. Offering our clients the best solution at all times.

Lithium batteries for electric motorcycles

We renew or replace the old battery in your moped with a new one. If you have a problem with your current battery, whether it is a lead-acid or any other technology, we will replace it with a custom-made lithium battery so you can enjoy a range and efficiency you've never experieced before.

Lithium batteries for mobility scooters and other vehicles for the disabled

As a leading e-mobility brand, we have an extensive experience with this type of EV formats. Our partnership with European manufacturer Fotona Mobility allows us to incorporate their latest generation lithium batteries. If you need advice on how to fit one of our batteries on your scooter for the elderly, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lithium batteries for electric scooters

One of our most demanded services is to exchange old acid betteries in electric scooters for brand new lithium ion cells. Many of the regular scooters for handicapped people come standard with very poor AGM or GEL batteries. However, once users replace them by one of our last generation lithium batteries they rediscover all the benefits of their scooter with a greater range and a longer lasting lifespan. Find out more about our assortment of 24V, 36V and 48V lithium batteries for special e-scooters, or any other type you need.

Lithium batteries for Segways

We have a specialized technical team whose objective is to adapt all our quality li-ion batteries to the different electric vehicles format available in the EU market. Get in touch with us to find out what high performance battery options que have for your Segway.

Batteries for hoverboards

We also sell low voltage 18650 cells for these small electric vehicles that are very popular among kids. We are specialists in adapting our batteries to any available space inside these e-skates.

Electric Bicycles

We offer a pioneering battery renewal service compatible with most ebikes. Although certain electric bicycle brands use encrypted BMS boards that cannot support manipulation by a third party like us, in most cases our renewal services give your battery a second life.

Batteries for Skateboards | Longboards | Off Road skates

Al solaremobility we provide you with a quality battery replacement for your e-skateboard or any other format of electric vehicles with board.

Other electric vehicles

If you have an electric vehicle that runs on a lithium battery and need to renew it or want to switch from GEL battery to lithium, do not hesitate to contact us.

Lithium batteries, how to charge them

One of the advantages of this type of battery is that it does not have a charging memory.

What is the loading memory for batteries?

The phenomenon of the charging memory is one in which the charging capacity of the batteries is reduced when they have been incompletely charged. If, during the life of your battery, you have charged it without completely discharging it, or you have not charged it 100%, this entire memory causes the life of the battery to be greatly reduced.

It is possible to prevent this by completely discharging the battery and then fully charging it. Or opt for a lithium battery, which avoids this major problem.

So it is quite simple to know how to charge a lithium battery, just plug it into the available charger. While it is true that it has no charging memory, we always recommend that it reaches 100%, with this we will enjoy the experience better.

Characteristics and specs of lithium battery cells

Lithium batteries are among the longest lasting batteries on the market. They benefit from an extremely low self-discharge rate, an extraordinary depth of discharge and no memory effect. 18650 can be discharged 100% or stored halfway through a charge without the cells suffering. The lithium battery is made with very light elements that allow to manufacture low weight Li-Ion battery packs, with several shapes and with a much higher performance than the conventional batteries. With an energy density up to 3 times higher than traditional AGM batteries and capable of withstanding higher charge/discharge current rates.

The BMS in the lithium battery

We can consider the BMS circuit board as a safety element inside each battery pack that prevents accidents from happening when using our batteries. It only takes a few minutes browsing the internet to find some scary videos of li-ion devices exploding due to wrong use of the item. However all it takes is for the user to follow the usage instructions given by the seller and all gangers will be avoided. Batteries should be charged safely with an approved charger to avoid accidents.

More and more people are interested in lithium batteries and their applications, and since it is such a new product there is a great lack of knowledge among the public about its characteristics, care and uses. At the same time there are more people interested in learning more about them.

It is worth highlighting 3 components in any installation with lithium batteries:

  • Battery case: normally it’s a metal o plastic enclosure when 18650 li ion packs are stored.
  • Lithium-ion cells: 18650 is the most common format. At solaremobiilty we offer LG Chem brand cells.
  • BMS: Battery Management System, it is a very necessary electronic board that ensures all cells inside the packs are charged and discharged evenly. 

As a general rule, it is not necessary to change the BMS when renewing your lithium battery. When your li ion pack starts to lose its storage capacity but continues to work, you only need to replace the old cells for new 18650 but you do not need to replace the BMS altogether. It can keep working on for years. However, if the battery has suddenly stopped working, it may indicate the BMS has stopped functioning which puts your cells ate a great risk, so you will need to get the BMS replaced by professionals like out tech department. Contact us to find our how to renew your battery at the lowest possible cost.

Important informations about 18650 lithium batt

Unlike other battery technology, lithium or LFP batteries do require a BMS (Battery Management System) to ensure a safe charge and discharge cycle.

What are the dangers is our lithium battery doesn’t have a BMS? The cells inside each series that form the lithium battery would have different the voltage rates and can explode by charging above the 4.2V mark.

Cells inside a li-ion do not self-balance at the end of the charge cycle but they need a BMS to charge and discharge their stored energy in a balanced way. Since not all cells behave in the same way, they can be dangerous for the user in the appropriate BMS is no put in place.

The current that passes through the cell of a lithium or LFP battery when it is fully charged is almost zero, so over time, the cells become unbalanced as they are not all charged/discharged at the same time. This difference in charge and discharge between the cells increases over time causing irreparable damage and significantly shortening the life of the lithium battery.

The incorporation of a BMS prevents over- and under-voltage during the charging and discharging of a lithium battery or BMS.

Maintenance Lithium batteries

Unlike other types of batteries such as open lead acid batteries, OpzS Stationary Batteries or TOPzS Stationary Batteries, lithium batteries are sealed do not require periodic checking and do not need to be refilled.

Lithium Batteries do not require maintenance, nor do they emit gases during operation, so Lithium Batteries are an excellent choice for those uses where you cannot (or do not want to) monitor the condition of the Lithium Battery.

Where to Buy Cheap Lithium Batteries

At Solaremobility we guarantee that the purchase of our lithium batteries will exceed your expetectations. Take adventage of our qualified sales team that offers professional help by email, phone, chat or whatsapp.

No buying lithium batteries for your electric scooter or ebike is hassle-free thanks to solaremobility. We guarantee a high performance, case-by-case attention and the best prices across Europe.

Finance purchase Lithium batteries

At Solaremobility, in addition to the wide variety of lithium batteries, we also offer you the opportunity to purchase all of our products with our Lithium Battery financing service so that you can pay in convenient installments.

If you have any questions about your financing please contact us.

If you have any doubt about which lithium batteries to buy or about the technical characteristics of the lithium batteries that you think are recommended for your needs, contact us, our team of technical engineers will advise you without obligation.


All our lithium batteries have a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects.