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1 802.00 € (tax to be det.)
Easily foldable 3-wheeled mobility e-scooter for the elderly and disabled.  It features a 300W rear motor and a high-range 36V removable lithium ion battery. It has 3 speed option, and reverse drive. Up to 50 km...
2 321.00 € (tax to be det.)
Folding electric chair with 360º joystick and folding footrest. It has a comfortable ergonomic seat with reinforced backrest and armrests. Dual rear hub motor 250W (500W) with 4 Lithium-ion battery options to choose...
1 813.90 € (tax to be det.)
EASY GO electric wheelchair  with a range of up to 55kms and easy handling with a 360º joystick, it is the perfect reduced mobility aid to carry in the car or public transport. Dual 250W hub motor (500W total) in each...
1 995.00 € (tax to be det.)
Electric three-wheeled bicycles are becoming a highly sought-after mobility format among professionals (delivery, factories, tourism...) but above all, among people with slight physical limitations who want to...
1 418.00 € (tax to be det.)
Four-wheeled motorized scooter CITY2 for disabled people with a safe braking system. 300W traction motor and 24V battery (AGM or ion-Lithium, according to preference). Up to 70km autonomy. Maximum speed 15 km/h. Load...
1 295.00 € (tax to be det.)
Three-wheeled adult tricycle with asymmetric wheels (1 x 26” / 2 x 20”). Features Shimano 6-speed gear shifts and combined braking system: front V-brake and dual rear disc brakes. The TRIKE three-wheel bicycle comes...
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All the batteries within the vehicles for the disabled (both AGM and lithium-ion batteries) are manufactured by our professional technical workshop. Therefore, you can choose the type of battery and its capacity, i.e. the battery range you want.

In order to make your experience better, we have a professional multiligual sales team that will solve any questions you may have. Additionally, our experienced technical post-sales department will be delighted to assist you with any problems or doubts that may arise with your new scooter. You can contact us by Whatsapp +34 610534883, Phone +34 948242853 or email

Types of mobility scooters

While there was a time when the options for special mobility vehicles were very limited. Today, there is a whole world of possibilities for these types of electric vehicles. For this reason, at Solaremobility we always offer our clients the widest range of mobility scooters, and other types of vehicles for the disabled and elderly.

We have top quality products available for you. In addition, we are pioneers and technical experts in electric convenience vehicles since 2009, so we can solve all the problems that may arise with the use of your limited mobility vehicle. We believe in offering the best customer service always. That is why we have specialized in this type of products aimed at user with special mobility needs.

You can easily browse our entire online catalogue at your own convenience and, should you require any additional information about any of our electric scooters, get in touch with us via any of our contact channels. Do not hesitate to write to us if you have any questions. Our specialists will guide you through the purchasing process.

We have different types of vehicles and electric mobility carts for the elderly:

  • 4-wheeled scooter Moto 800W: The crown’s jewel. A powerful and robust vehicle with 4 wheels that benefits from 800W engine. It also has a comfortable leather seat, basket, digital display and top-quality lighting. It is the perfect mobility aid for slopes and mountain towns. It has several battery options up to 110km range.
  • Folding Scooter 300W: Practical, light and very useful for everyday life. This easily foldable scooter is the top seller and a very valued item by our customers. The folding system allows you to reduce the storing space to the maximum so that you can transport it in your car or public transportation.
  • Portable electric scooter 250W City: The standard model for a continuous use, with this electric cart for the disabled, you will be able to enjoy your everyday rides to the fullest taking advantage of electric mobility. And all that for a very low price.
  • Folding Lightest 350W 48V scooter for travelling: If you drive a car and like to make plans out of town, this is the mobility aid that you need. This model rides onwards and backwards safely as it is limited to 15kmh. Still it features one of the most powerful motors within its range so you will be able to drive uphill with it too. Chose between 3 li-ion battery options for a 90km range.

Subsidy or aid for the purchase of reduced mobility vehicles

Depending on where you live, your government or region may provide discount assistance or tax relief when buying an e-scooter for the elders with reduced mobility. For this reason, we encourage you to contact the relevant authorities in your local government for further details.

Should you be eligible, we will be able to provide you with all the information and documentation necessary so that you can buy your mobility scooter for the elderly and disabled at the best possible price.

Technical details of our scooters for the disabled

  • Maneuverability: They are able to make complete 360º turns in very small spaces
  • Range and power: We have a wide variety of lithium batteries that we manufacture ourselves to offer you the highest quality and warranty. We have several models up to 800W motor that can overcome any obstacle.
  • Foldability and portability: We have folding models, easy to use and carry. Our scooter adapt to the needs of every client’s lifestyle.
  • Workshop or technical service: We have a workshop specialized in electric mobility with access to spare parts of any kind. We are capable of dealing with any issues swiftly which enables us to find a quick resolution to incidents. We always offer a top quality service to our clients.
  • User comfort: Our products have seats and backrests of the highest quality and ergonomics. They are adjustable and offer unparalleled comfort.
  • Performance on the ground: Both indoors and outdoors, our e-mobility scooters are very functional in demanding surfaces. They also have high quality and durable tyres.
  • Accessories: Finally, we offer a big assortment of accessories and adaptations for each of the products in our range aimed at improving the user’s experience. With them you can complete your purchase.

Scooters for the disabled or elderly with lithium batteries

One of the most important elements of your mobility aid vehicle is undoubtedly its battery. The range of your mobility scooter depends largely on the type of battery you install in it.

Traditionally, lead-acid or gel batteries have been the market leaders due to cheap price However, these batteries that currently have a lower performance than the sought-after lithium batteries.

Li-ion batteries are our personal recommendation for you as retailers since 2009 when purchasing any electric mobility product. Whether it is a scooter with reduced mobility, an electric scooter or a e-motorbike, it is always best to opt for the lithium ion cells due to their lifespan (3-4 years), light weight and highest driving ranges.

Although we do work and sell lead batteries. The life of these batteries is much shorter, as is the performance.

In this sense, lithium batteries last 4 times longer than lead batteries. This way, you will save on maintenance and renewal of your battery. This option is offered exclusively to you at a very advantageous price. You will be able to return your battery to us with its useful life finished, and we will replace it with a new one at an unrivalled price. Where people with reduced mobility should go

With the breakthrough of new electric mobility products in the European market, such as electric scooters and other e-carts for the elderly, the need to start a regularization of electric transport has arisen, so that we can transit safely through our cities.

In this sense, we are also seeing how little by little cities are adapting their roads and infrastructures to these popular means of electric transportation, and expanding the space available for them to circulate. And not only that, but also by restricting the access of polluting vehicles to urban city centers.

It is also true, however, that in certain places, they are applying certain traffic restrictions to electric vehicles. Some of these may be limiting the maximum speed to 25km/h, or banning driving in pedestrian areas.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to refer to your local legislation to be 100% sure of the existing traffic limitations for electric scooters.

License to drive vehicles for people with limited mobility

Once again, in EU there is no common legislation for these e-mobility formats so we are faced with a varying legal framework that may change from country to country. However, as a general rule, these types of vehicles do not require any kind of license or permit to be driven. Especially because they are understood to be needed by physically vulnerable users.

Nor is there a minimum age requirement for driving them. In this way, anyone can join the electric mobility world, with zero emissions, and more respectful with the environment that gas-powered cars and mopeds.

Vehicles with reduced mobility

As we have already mentioned, depending on which European country you live, there may be a specific speed limit governing the movement of scooters for the disabled. Unless it is otherwise stated in our product datasheet, all our Fotona Mobility products are limited to 25km/h speed.

Please note the range (km) and maximum speed (km/h) data shown on our special mobility vehicles are estimates as they depend on at least three factors:

  1. Rider weight
  2. Terrain unevenness
  3. Average driving speed

For longer range and battery life, a moderate driving speed is recommended.

Warranty and return

All our products have a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects. In addition, there is the possibility of returning the product within the 14 day trial period, provided that the cost of shipping is borne by the buyer.