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Electric kit for folding bicycle 250W


Electric kit with motor to electrify folding bicycles. Includes 20" motorized rim and drawer-type battery behind the seat post. Conversion kit with 5 levels of assistance and different autonomy options.  Converts your folding bicycle into a pedal-assisted bicycle. Battery for up to 70km of travel.

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Electric kit for bicycle

Fotona Mobility presents this complete 20-inch electric bicycle kit ideal for motorizing any folding bicycle. This is a cheap option to enjoy assisted pedalling on your bike, without having to spend money on a new e-bike. Pedal miles with minimum effort!

We present you the kit for folding bicycles with different autonomy options. This motorisation kit is perfect for long-distance routes or simply for spatial recharging.  Ideal for the summer, especially if you're taking your folding bike to the beach or campsite.

Engine 250 watts:

Brushless 250 watts and 36 volts. Compact and waterproof. No maintenance required.

Lithium-ion battery:

Extractable and large format to house high capacity options to the user's taste. To adapt better to the frame of folding bikes, it is anchored to the rear of the vertical tube. Compatible with all models. Up to 70km range!

Electric folding bike rim: 

Typical 20-inch folding size. Made of aluminum with threaded axle. It is possible to purchase compatible sprockets from the product sheet.


The LCD screen works as a computer on the handlebar that allows the user to choose between several levels of assistance as well as control the main parameters of the kit:

  • Assistance level. There are 5 levels
  • Speed in km/h
  • Total distance travelled
  • Partial distance travelled
  • Battery charge level

The kit to electrify your bike includes:

  • Electrically cut brake levers
  • Pedal-assisted sensor (PAS)
  • 36V Lithium Charger

Weight: 5 kg

Estimated battery life Lithium-Ion: 3-4 years

Warranty Limitations

Maximum speed. In compliance with the applicable European regulations for electric bicycles with pedal assistance, our kits are limited to a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Breakdowns resulting from the user's modification of the maximum speed parameter will not be covered by the kit's warranties, therefore, in order to ensure safe use, we discourage manipulation of the kit's factory values.

NOTE: The data on range (km) and maximum speed (km/h) given in this product are estimates because they depend on at least three factors:

  1. Rider weight
  2. Unevenness of the terrain
  3. Average driving speed

For longer range and battery life, a moderate level of assistance is recommended.

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