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Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Skateboard


Buy a new custom lithium-ion battery with built-in BMS for your longboard. The lithium batteries are compatible with all brands and models that are marketed. 

Li-ion battery packs size and weight will vary depending on capacity chosen.

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Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Skateboard

Do you have problems with the autonomy of your electric longoboard? Do you want to increase the autonomy of your electric skateboard?

The solution is to buy a new battery for your longboard. The custom lithium packs include a BMS so that it can work if the electric vehicle is AGM (Lead).

Consult the detachable the different configuration possibilities and choose the battery that best suits your needs. Remember that the voltage (V) of your skateboard can not vary but you can select the ampere hours (Ah) you want. The greater the Ah, the greater the autonomy.

Benefits of replacing the lead batteries of your electric skateboard with lithium-ion batteries: 

  1. More autonomy - you decide the autonomy! More kilometres between load and load.
  2. Longer life. Although the useful life of a lead-acid battery is around 2-4 years, lithium-ion batteries reach 3-6 years. They work better for longer.
  3. Lighter. For example, the difference in weight between lead and lithium-ion in a motorcycle can reach 35kg. This weight reduction has a very positive impact on its autonomy.
  4. Less maintenance. Unlike lead acid or GEL, lithium is a much more advanced technology that has no memory effect and retains a higher percentage of charge even in periods of inactivity.

More and more electric mobility users are abandoning old, heavy lead-acid batteries to purchase electric vehicles with high-efficiency lithium batteries that have a lifespan of up to 150% longer than a lead-acid AGM battery.

Estimated lithium-ion battery life 3-4 years

Weight: 5 kg

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