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169.40 € (tax to be det.)
Polycrystalline solar photovoltaic panel 340W of power and 24V, with a guarantee superior to the standards of the market. Suitable for both large installations and residential use due to its high production in small...
2 299.00 € (tax to be det.)
Complete solar photovoltaic kit to save on the electricity bill of your home. This kit of 10 solar panels is designed to make an extension in the future.  It consists of 10 panels, being able in the future to extend...
3 935.00 € (tax to be det.)
Solar photovoltaic kit for self-consumption in a home a kit of solar panels of 6.12kW to save on the electricity bill of your home in the form of net bill. The photovoltaic installation includes components from the...
829.00 € (tax to be det.)
If you are looking for a grid-connected inverter to start saving on your electricity bill, the Growatt 5000MTL-S is the ideal solution for your photovoltaic installation because of its easy installation and convenient...
3 999.00 € (tax to be det.)
The photovoltaic kit consists of 18 Amerisolar solar panels of 340W, and a Growatt grid connection inverter of 5000W of power. Designed to work with the conventional electrical grid without the need to install...
123.33 € (tax to be det.)
Monocrystalline solar panel of 120W and 12V from Fotona. Designed for installations in vegetable gardens, country houses or motor homes. High efficiency and resistance to weather changes.
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Solar energy: solar panels

Photovoltaic solar energy through photovoltaic solar panels, solar modules or photovoltaic panels is based on the properties of certain materials for the conversion of energy from the sun in the form of radiation into electricity. Photovoltaic solar energy has an impact on: The provision of electrical energy, on the economy of the country and on the environment

A solar energy system uses the sun's radiation to generate energy. This can be done with thermal collectors or with photovoltaic cells depending on whether the sun is used to heat water or to convert the radiation into electrical energy using solar cells. This happens because part of the material absorbs some of the solar radiation, in particular, matt black materials absorb a greater amount of solar radiation.

The solar radiation that reaches the earth's atmosphere contains a set of radiations with wavelengths ranging from 0.15 μm to 4 μm, hence the potential supply that solar energy implies through solar modules.

Photovoltaic solar energy can be used to heat water, heating, swimming pools, heat production for industrial processes and cooling systems, among others.

The varied offer of solar panels for a house thanks to the cheap solar panels allows the solar kits to be within reach of all those houses that bet on clean energies and wish to save on their electricity company's bill or do not have the possibility of their electricity company supplying them with electricity.

The photovoltaic solar panels for housing can be installed in groups together with the components offered in any of the solar kits, solar kits for isolated connection or solar kits for connection to the network.

The production of photovoltaic electricity using solar modules is possible thanks to the materials and synergies between them through the technology of films that allow the durability in time of the properties and the reliability of the processes. It is the correctly assembled and connected solar module conglomerate that gives rise to a solar panel. Process that has been improved over time; Currently the market offers cheap solar panels with facilities to buy solar panels improved over time, with a longer life and excellent reliability.

Currently, solar panels or photovoltaic modules are on average more than 60% of the cost of the complete photovoltaic installation and are directly responsible for more than 90% of the energy production of each photovoltaic installation.

Characteristic parameters of a photovoltaic module

The solar panels for a house contain modules repeated along the solar panel that provide the photovoltaic solar panels with the property of obtaining solar energy transmitted by the system.

The solar modules are the result of a long effort over the years and that at present allows to buy efficient photovoltaic panels.

A photovoltaic module consists of several solar cells electrically connected to each other. If all the cells are the same and work under the same conditions, the electrical parameters of a photovoltaic module will have a direct relationship with the electrical parameters of its cells and with the quantity and the serial-parallel connection of the cells.

Manufacturers of solar panels for homes classify and identify photovoltaic modules by their maximum or peak power. In addition, the differences inherent in the manufacturing processes of solar panels for homes make each of the photovoltaic solar panels are unique so that there is a certain tolerance to the characteristic parameters of each of the solar panels for homes manufactured.

Types of solar panels: Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline Solar Panels

Solar panels are also known as solar panels, solar modules or photovoltaic panels are composed of solar cells capable of producing electricity from the solar radiation that falls on them.

Photovoltaic panels, solar panels or solar panels can be classified according to the type of photovoltaic cell in


  • Monocrystalline: Composed of single-crystal silicon cells. They are recognized by the shape of the cell, circular or octagonal from circular cut-out cells.
  • Polycrystallines: Formed by cells with multiple crystallized silicon particles. Normally the cells are rectangular in shape and are more bluish in tone with more irregular colouring.

Solar Plate Composition

The typical cell has an area of approximately 100 cm2, produces 1.5W of power with a voltage of 0.5V and 3A of current. In order to make use of the generated energy, cells are linked in series and parallel until appropriate values of voltage and current are reached. That is why in the 12V panels we will find that they have 36 cells, in the 24V panels we will see that there are 72 cells and in addition there are the panels that are called network connection panels that have 60 cells and need special regulators so that they get the adequate performance.

As a curious fact there is also another type of solar panel that has a non-standard number of cells; they are appropriate for very specific uses such as solar pumping, since they are capable of offering a high voltage in exchange for a lower intensity, because at the end of the day the power provided by a self-consumption solar panel is similar to the other types of panels; A very common variant within the field of direct solar pumping, is the use of them for the purification of swimming pools.

The operation of the solar module will be completely linked to the solar radiation that the group of solar panels is receiving. These solar panel installations are very profitable, since they allow to convert to 0 the cost of energy of the swimming pool purifier of a house. All the types of solar panels exposed here are also optimal for isolated solar installations. Depending on the type of isolated installation that is required, we will look for a type of solar panel of 12V or 24V, depending on the size of the installation. Depending on the working voltage of the solar installation, the way of connection of the same ones will be of different form.

To buy solar panels it is necessary to take into account the location of the panels, expected consumption, among other factors, to determine the price of photovoltaic solar panels and the type of solar module that guarantees its usual supply.

It is important not to be fooled by offers of solar panels and put in the hands of experts to buy solar panels with warranty for the solar panel, as well as the price of solar panels is consistent with its quality.

What to consider before installing photovoltaic panels

Before carrying out the photovoltaic project, we recommend that you bear in mind a few points so that the installation meets the expected performance.

How to install the solar panels

The main aspect to be taken into account when installing the solar panels is the orientation of the photovoltaic panel should be to the South and with an inclination depending on the latitude and the use that the installation will have. On the other hand, this placement can be done on different surfaces, and all of them will be equally good as long as we comply with the proper tilt and orientation, since if the orientation is not ideal or we do not have good tilt, we will have certain losses.

Another point to take into account is the presence of shadows on the solar panels, if there are shadows even if they are only on one panel or in a reduced area the production is greatly reduced. If the installation is made up of panels in series, as it affects one panel, we affect the whole series, so it is very important to have a complete absence of shadows in the photovoltaic field.

For this reason it is advisable to study in detail the place where the panels will be placed and check that they will not receive shadows from trees, chimneys, buildings, etc. Once the installation has been carried out, if we are faced with such a problem, the solution is difficult and expensive.

At this point, we put at your disposal our team specialized in photovoltaic energy. They will carry out a personalised study for your solar panel project, whether for your house, garden or even your neighbourhood community.

Structures used in photovoltaic installations

We must make sure that the kit or system we are going to acquire has the structure we need for the chosen location. There are many types of structures for the attachment of panels depending on the location: flat roofs or covers, uralite roofs or sloping sandwich panel, in elevated structures, tile roofs, metal roofs or boats. All locations have a suitable structure for their correct fastening. The solar panels have dimensions and weight due to which we must be sure that they are correctly installed using an adequate structure.

The subjection of the structures to a stable and safe surface is another point to take into account, since we must remember that the installation of the solar panels is done outside, being exposed to strong winds, storms and the most demanding atmospheric conditions.


The panels are generally placed in a fixed position and are not usually modified, so the maintenance of the panels is practically null. However, dust, mud, leaves, etc. reduce the productivity of the system and therefore it is necessary to keep them clean. For that reason we recommend a periodic revision of the system with greater assiduity if we are in rural or marine areas.

Guarantee of the components.

The components of the solar installations are characterized by their long life, the solar panels reach a life of more than 30 years with guarantees from the factory of 12 years.

For the proper installation of solar panels, Solaremobility has a specialist team with extensive experience, we have a team of professional installers who travel to any point to perform the installation of solar panels or photovoltaic kits, contact us without obligation.

What parameters are important to take into account?

The important parameter for buying solar panels that classifies the power of the solar panels is called peak power which is the maximum power that the photovoltaic module is capable of generating under the standardized conditions of 1000 W/m² and 25ºC cell temperature.

Other characteristic values of the solar panels are the maximum or peak power (Pm, Pp), Open Circuit Voltage (Voc), Short Circuit Current (Isc), Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (TONC), etc.

The efficiency of the photovoltaic modules is the percentage of solar energy received on the solar panels that they are capable of converting into electric energy, which will determine the price of the photovoltaic solar panel.

The operating conditions of the solar panel or specifically the solar modules vary depending on the values of irradiance or temperature. In terrestrial installations, the irradiance reaches values of between 0 and 1000W/m2 normally, with the energy production being greater at higher irradiation. The temperature, on the other hand, generates opposite effects, the higher the temperature the lower the energy production of the panels, the factory values being calculated for conditions of 25 ºC of the cell, which occurs at about 5 ºC of ambient temperature.

Is it legal to install solar panels in your home or building?

The sun tax is an issue that raises many questions, for years to anyone who wants to install solar panels in your home, your house or warehouse.

The sun tax falls on those photovoltaic installations that exceed 10kW (in 95% of the cases of installations to homes and private installations are less than 10kW, so it falls on large photovoltaic installations of large companies with extensive needs).

Another point related to the sun tax is that the photovoltaic installation should not interfere with the connection to the grid of the electric company. To comply with this point, it is highly recommended that the photovoltaic installation be carried out by a professional team trained for this purpose.

It should also be taken into account that it is not legally necessary to contract more power for a photovoltaic system than that already contracted by an electricity company.

An essential part in those photovoltaic installations for connection to the grid is the installation of a wattmeter, whose function is to control the energy poured into the grid so that the economic compensation can be managed as determined by current regulations. If it is desired that the grid connection system does not offer financial compensation and that it is therefore not discharged into the grid, the wattmeter will also be responsible for preventing the discharge of excess energy into the grid, so the wattmeter is a necessary element regardless of the nature of the grid connection system.

Installation of Solaremobility solar panels

Having clear where I can get solar panels and knowing that you have the confidence of Solaremobility as a solar panel shop as a company where I can get solar panels with full manufacturer's warranty and technical service at your disposal.

Having clear the advantages of solar panels and the benefits that are obtained from the initial time the homes with solar panels, Solaremobility offers the possibility that your technical team will install the solar panels, water pump or photovoltaic kits anywhere (consult us for more information).

If you are thinking about where to buy cheap solar panels, Solaremobility's offer is varied, competitive and with manufacturer's warranty, currently positioning itself as one of the most intelligent options when it comes to buying photovoltaic solar panels. in addition to offering solar panels and solar panels prices at the lowest prices of the most recognized and competitive international manufacturers, warranty and a wide variety capable of meeting the most demanding needs, also has a team of professional installers who travel to any point to install, review and / or repair photovoltaic installations.

The price of solar panels for a home has been reduced over time, and at Solaremobility we offer the possibility of financing your purchases. Welcome to Solaremobility cheap solar panels, the cheapest solar panels on the market.

The price of the photovoltaic panel, cheap solar panels, awareness of environmental impact and the ease of purchase of solar panels have become favorable factors for their acquisition in an increasingly demanding world.

Where can solar panels be installed?

Solar panels are being used in more and more sectors that want to consume their own energy and want to be autonomous in terms of energy for more or less long periods of time and with more or less regularity. Specifically, when we speak of solar panels we refer to the photovoltaic power supply that with the necessary elements can operate from the household appliances in a house, with a permanent home solar kits or weekend solar kits to only lighting a house, cottage, warehouse or similar with a solar lighting kits or water pump for the regular supply of a home or for the agricultural or livestock sector. There are many uses and the results are increasingly better, solar panels are more competitive, durable and efficient over time and the investment of R & D & I by manufacturers.

Although the use of solar panels cannot be limited to a number of specific sectors, due to the technical characteristics of solar panels and the requirements of the sectors in Solaremobility you can find: solar panels for caravans, solar panels for boats, solar panels for boats and solar panels for pumping water. Although the use of solar modules or solar panels, as mentioned above, is not limited to a specific use.

Compatibility between battery and solar panel

It is usual to acquire a battery and a solar panel taking into account the needs of the sector and the installation, but if you want to take into account the compatibility between the battery and the photovoltaic panel, we recommend that you read our article on compatibility between batteries and solar panels.

Basically, if the voltage of the battery and the solar panel is the same there is no problem, that is: a 12V battery should go with a 12V solar panel , and a 24V battery should be connected with a 24V solar panel.

But if you want to connect a 12V battery with a 24V solar panel, an MPPT charge controller must be installed between the two devices. But you can never connect a 24V battery with a 12V solar panel.

If you want more information about which type of photovoltaic panel is the suitable one according to its characteristics, use and sector, contact us and our technical engineers will carry out a study and free advice.

The concern for the environment and the recognition of the impact of the decisions of each one has turned the and in concrete the solar panels for houses or the photovoltaic solar panels home the intelligent decision for those homes or businesses that bet for a cleaner future. If we add to this the possibility of buying solar kits, photovoltaic solar panels home, or specifically photovoltaic kit self-consumption, cheap solar panels and the wide range of solar kit Solaremobility, it is easy to defend the principles with the prices of solar panels for homes Solaremobility.

After purchasing any of the cheap solar panels, solar kits or, the installation of solar panels for a home, photovoltaic panels for homes or solar panel self-consumption is simple and fast, but if for reasons of time or convenience you want our team of certified installers to move and perform the installation and commissioning with a guarantee of operation of both solar panels and any of the products on our website.

Supplying solar energy through photovoltaic panels for homes or solar kits has never been so easy.

The installation of solar panels prices for a house was never so simple as in Solaremobility, contact us.

Welcome to solar panels for a home with full guarantee, advice and installation.

If you still doubt how much it costs solar panel system depending on your needs, what are the prices for solar panels for houses or how much it costs solar panel system contact us and we will advise you on the best option for energy by solar panels at any point, whether or not you have electricity.

Most common uses of solar panels

The self-consumption solar panel is widely used as solar panels for caravans, solar panels for boats, solar panels for homes or as solar panels for pumping water.

Solar panels can be used for a multitude of uses and in various sectors, because over the years, solar panels have improved their technical characteristics, prolonged their life and optimized their efficiency.

Guarantee for solar panels

In many occasions the cheap solar panels do not have any guarantee of operation or manufacturer's warranty so it is likely that they are solar panels that in the short or medium term are going to give problems and a short life is expected. In Solaremobility we offer cheap solar panels with manufacturer's warranty, performance guarantee and the best international manufacturers.

At Solaremobility we offer solar panels with a performance guarantee to ensure the investment of your photovoltaic installation.

Buy cheap solar panels

Buying cheap solar panels is fast, safe and convenient with Solaremobility. Our team of engineers will advise you, free of charge, on which type of photovoltaic panel is recommended for your needs.

The best manufacturers of photovoltaic panels

At Solaremobility we only have the best manufacturers of solar panels, in fact among our variety of photovoltaic panels you can find: Amerisolar solar panels characterized by their good value for money and competitive characteristics, Me solar panels and Csun solar panels with a great durability, Victron solar panels and solar panels from Red Solar that have international recognition for their long history and Atersa solar panels with excellent technical characteristics, international reputation and a track record and strong investment in R & D.