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MOTO 800W Electric Mobility Scooter


Motorbike for people with reduced mobility suitable for use on sidewalks and footpaths. Powerful 800W engine able to climb any type of slope with great ease. Removable AGM or Lithium-Ion battery according to the user's needs. Digital display. Maximum autonomy 110 km. Speed 25km/h (limited to 10km/h). LED headlights.

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The most powerful scooter with reduced mobility on the market 

We present one of the most complete vehicles with reduced mobility on the international market. It is an electric scooter of 4 pneumatic wheels of 16" with great grip on any type of surface. Manufactured in aluminium with chromed polystyrene fairing in metallic tones (available in 3 colours). The leatherette armchair has a seat, backrest and padded armrests for a more comfortable prolonged driving.

With an 800W 48V motor

It is one of the most powerful cars for the disabled in the current market. Operating at 48 volts, when most electric scooters run at 24V, makes the batteries suffer less and last longer. The battery can be 48V 22Ah (AGM) in its basic version, or extractable lithium-ion with different capacities to choose:

  • 48V 51.2Ah
  • 48V 67.2Ah
  • 48V 80Ah

The lithium batteries can be recharged outside the scooter, in the comfort of your home.

In addition, the dashboard has a multifunction digital display, very intuitive:

  • Battery charge level indicator
  • Speed
  • Kilometer

In addition, it has several buttons that are very useful for the driver:

  • Main beam / short beam
  • Intermittent
  • Cláxon

Maneuverability is very safe thanks to its ABS brakes and its regulated descent system (optional) for people with disabilities in the arms that automatically brakes the downhill if there is no braking by the user. In addition, it is possible to incorporate a rear camera similar to that of high-end cars that allows the driver to see behind the scooter when driving in reverse. Finally, you can purchase a rear basket with lid to transport personal belongings.

Scooter measurements 148x65x120 cm

Weight: 85Kg

Estimated battery life AGM: 6-12 months

Estimated battery life Lithium-Ion: 3-4 years

Warranty: 2 years

Estimated life of lithium ion battery: 3-4 years

NOTE: The range (km) and maximum speed (km/h) data in this product are estimates because they depend on at least three factors:

  • Weight of the pilot
  • Irregularity of the land
  • Average driving speed

For longer battery life and autonomy, a moderate driving speed is recommended.

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