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Electric Scooter 60V 2500W


The most powerful adult electric scooter on the market. Brushless motor of 2500W and 60V that reaches 70km/h without limiting but there is also the option of limiting it to 25km/h. Exclusive design with wooden deck of high resistance.  Available with AGM and lithium ion batteries. 

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Faster electric scooter

The Spanish company Fotona Mobility is back on the attack with a 2-wheel electric scooter specially designed to become one of the fastest skates in the world of urban mobility. It is available with various lithium-ion battery options for easier handling, longer rides and longer life.

Powerful 2500W electric motor

Its 60 Volt guarantee a higher top speed and better balance thanks to its 2500 Watt brushless motor. In short, it is an electric motorcycle with technical features that are far superior to any other 36V or 48V electric mobility.

This electric motorcycle has high-quality chrome-plated disc brakes and high-quality hydraulic shock absorbers. Its LCD display reliably indicates the battery level, while its LED lights in front and rear provide optimal illumination with lower battery consumption.

For added enjoyment, the scooter has 12" (inch) tyres and an accelerator pedal that allows you to easily control your driving speed.

It also has a colour LCD screen. This skateboard has an advanced digital colour screen located in the centre of the handlebars, where the user can read all the technical parameters of his scooter in real time:

  • Speed in km/h with tachometer
  • The distance travelled
  • Battery charge status
  • Voltage
  • Temperature
  • Lights on and off Display


Motor: 2500W 60V brushless

Battery (selection):

  • AGM 60V 12Ah (up to 35 km.)
  • Ion-Lithium 60V 19,2Ah (up to 46 km.)
  • Ion-Lithium 60V 32Ah (up to 60 km.)
  • Ion-Lithium 60V 51,2Ah (up to 90 km.)

Control: 60V 2500W 35Ah

Frame: Metallic, chrome black

Light: LCD colour

LCD display. Battery charge indicator

The scooter comes with a standard battery charge indicator that allows you to know your remaining autonomy at all times. Additionally, there is the option to add a color digital display with various additional features such as tachometer, battery charge indicator, stopwatch, speedometer, voltage (V) indicator, and temperature indicator.

Shock absorber: Superior chrome hydraulic system. 1 front and 2 rear.

Wheels: Tyres. 90/65-6.5

Brakes: Disc. With electric cut.

Handlebars: Iron / Chrome-plated aluminium

Seat and seat post: telescopic seat post. Galvanized iron / PVC.

Seat post: upholstery in size Maxi

Charger Input: 100-240VAC Output DC 72V-1.8A

Optional quick charge: Input 100-240VAC Output 67.2V 5A].


  • Mounted: 130 x 115 x 64 cm
  • Packaging: 120 x 47 x 34 cm
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