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Solar Kits Self Consumption 6,12kW


Solar photovoltaic kit for self-consumption in a home a kit of solar panels of 6.12kW to save on the electricity bill of your home in the form of net bill. The photovoltaic installation includes components from the leading brands on the market (Amerisolar solar panels, Growatt inverters,...) and adapts to any type of roof. It does not need batteries.

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Solar Kits 6,12kW

If you are looking to install solar panels in your home to save money on your electricity bill, this high performance 6.1kW photovoltaic kit is exactly what you need: quality components, professional installation by our network of qualified installers, high electricity generation over the years and, if you prefer, several payment options up to 10 years to choose from.

Amerisolar solar panels

Amerisolar polycrystalline solar panels have all the certifications to ensure that you only buy the best solar panels.

The kit consists of 18 Amerisolar brand polycrystalline solar panels and a Growatt 5000 MTL-S inverter.

Together, they constitute the essential equipment of a self-consumption system, making it easier for the user to choose the components. The panel manufacturer Amerisolar has a long history in the photovoltaic industry. Each module has a power of 340W, granted in small dimensions to improve the use of available space.

The panels are made of high quality materials, resistant to different environments, from coastal areas to desert, through industrial environments, obtaining quality certificates that accredit it, and offer a warranty higher than the market standard, with 12 years of product defects and 30 years of linear production.

High quality photovoltaic components:

  • 18 Amerisolar 340W polycrystalline solar panels. Warranty 12 years against manufacturing and production defects >80% after 30 years.
  • 1 Growatt 5000MTL-S inverter specifically for self-consumption with net invoice. Includes Pocke Wifi for monitoring via APP. Warranty 5 years.
  • 1 Aluminium structure to fix the panels to your roof. Choose between: flat roof/floor, inclined roof without tile, inclined roof with tile.
  • 100 m Solar Cable 4mm2
  • 1 Differential switch 25/2/30 mA AC class
  • 1 Magnetothermic 20/2 Curve C
  • 1 Surface Table IP65 12 modules (IDE cassette)
  • 4 Fuse holder 1P 10x38
  • Small material (Cable 2,5mm2, connectors, fuses, fuse holder...)
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