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Which is the Best Electric Off Road Skateboard?

Posted on4 Years ago

Which is the fastest electric skateboard?

With a dual 1650W motor (3300W in total), Fotona Mobility's electric off-road skateboard will make any other option look like a toy for children. It can even stand up to the most powerful electric scooters.

This electric longboard is designed and prepared to drive over any type of terrain, from paved grounds to grass and pebbled roads. It is without a doubt the fastest electric skateboard on the market.

Apart from its powerful double 36V engine, this e-skateboard has got an advanced 4x4 suspension system prepared to give you maximum stability on any type of grounds. Thanks to its main sporty and aerodynamic design, along with its large off-road tires, this fun skate will make it easy for you to move around when you decide to go on paths and roads.

The best electric skateboard for long routes.

Another advantage of this four wheel beast is its powerful lithium battery, manufactured entirely at Fotona Mobility's facilities in Europe. So you will have the maximum guarantee of quality and range.

And in addition to all this, you will also be able to make a configuration choice of your battery, which will allow you to reach up to 59km of riding range. It is ideal for all kinds of routes and commutes through the countryside or in the city. You can even go off-road thanks to the 4x4 capabilities of your skateboard.

To ensure a safe riding, the deck features adjustable strapon anchors where you will hold your feet firmly. This is because the remote control incorporates a turbo mode that will make you go off. This is where you'll feel the enormous power of the electric motors that power this longboard.

Is electric skateboarding legal?

One of the questions we get most often. And the answer is very clear, Yes, electric skateboards are legal vehicles across Europe and do not pose any kind of danger in this regard for its users.

Cheap electric skateboarding

To finish. You are probably thinking that an electric longboard with the features we have described will be very expensive. Well, we're here to tell you that you're dead wrong.

The electric longboard has a quality/price ratio that is possibly one of the best value on the market. We are sure you'll be surprised.

If you are a pure lover of the most urban roads, we also have for you a kilometer-eater like the dual hub-motor longboard, perfect for you to go one and a thousand times on those fantastic sidewalks. Or even the great bike lanes that run through cities. We'll leave that up to you.

And finally, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our specialized team.

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